Blue Soul Ten: “The Unspoken Warrior” – will stimulate the imagination and satisfy the most discriminating listener.

“The Unspoken Warrior” contains collaborations with vocalists and instrumentalists from around the world

Claye Greene has been behind the scenes of the music industry for over 20 years. Getting his start as a radio DJ, Claye started producing records shortly after graduating from college, composing and co-writing for several independent acts. His production dreams took a back seat to the pursuit of business, electing to travel around the globe conducting business with several of the world’s leading companies.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

In 2004 Claye launched Greenehouse Music, and returned to producing and composing music for independent artists. This time, his music contributions would reach all around the globe. The idea for Greenehouse Music was to provide a platform for Claye to remain independent, and leverage his international business experience to drive his music production and writing dreams. In 2014 Claye began composing music for a self-produced release as Blue Soul Ten. Blue Soul Ten represents his philosophy about life and staying true to oneself.

In 2015 Blue Soul Ten released the debut album titled “The Unspoken Warrior”, which is meant to reflect Claye Greene’s approach to living life with bravery and beauty. The album is a blend of Soul, Jazz, World and Hip-Hop, containing collaborations with vocalists and instrumentalists from around the world.

Every track on “The Unspoken Warrior” is a standalone masterpiece! Claye Greene has ascended to bewildering heights with a melodic and compositional maturity that’s worthy of extra inspection! This will stimulate the imagination and satisfy the most discriminating listener. Clearly the song selections were carefully thought out as you can almost hear Claye’s musical spirit cloaked in a finely woven mantle of experiences from around the world.

On the first playing I was astounded and thrilled by the music I discovered here. Creative, innovative, and downright excellent: that is Claye Greene. The sounds are pure, smooth, deep and smoky like a fine scotch. Take a sip, catch a buzz, close your eyes, tilt your head back, and enjoy! A sublime production, mixed and mastered to perfection.

Blue Soul Ten aka Claye Greene
Blue Soul Ten aka Claye Greene

Claye seems to build magnificent musical stories from his life and own musical experiences that just transcend what we think is possible to hear through instrumental music and sparsely layered vocal interludes. Sometimes you can feel instantly, when something’s just right or spot on. “The Unspoken Warrior” contains that quality. There is not one bar or beat that I would change. From the first track on I was really drawn into the terrific atmosphere of the album. And it just got better going forward.

Serene and reflective, track by track, the pianos, bass lines, horns and drumbeats will worm themselves into your soul, as a fusion of genres resembling the mesmerizing qualities of classic Acid Jazz numb your senses. “The Unspoken Warrior” truly penetrates your soul and always leaves you begging for more. It’s a rarity that you find a talented producer that has the ability to excite mind, body, and soul. Usually they do one or the other! From start to finish Claye Greene and his collaborating crew in the Blue Soul Ten project, will provoke your mind and body. Place close attention to the title track, plus “About You” and “Music Box”, “Imperfect”, “Between the Lines”, “Let it Go” and “The Blue Theme”.

A sense of thoughtfulness and spirituality permeates every song here from top to bottom. Believe me, there is no time like the present to enjoy Blue Soul Ten, hopefully poised for greater recognition from a wider audience. “The Unspoken Warrior” is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and others.


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