Harley Drew, Born Andrew Thompson has a long standing family tradition of being involved with Harley Davidson and Motorcycle Clubs. His grandfather John Wesley McCollum aka Pee-Wee, was one of the godfathers of black motorcycle culture in Los Angeles as a member of the LA Defiant Ones Motorcycle Club. You could say that Harley Drew has motor oil running through his veins, with has deep love of Harley Motorcycles and Music.

Now Harley Drew has dropped the Hip-hop track “Harley-Addiction”, to remove any doubts, if ever there was any, about his one ongoing obsession. It feels like an important track, a rarity in a year that seems to be defined by band’s releasing music that, while solid and in some cases more than solid, lacked the definitiveness truly great music has.

Harley Drew
Harley Drew

Here, Harley Drew pushes himself, and the results are unforgettable. But it’s not just the go-for-broke energy and inspired production that make this a great track; its Drew’s appreciation not only of his own talent (he’s got enough of that) but for something he loves and respects – the Harley Davidson!

The song is an affecting paean to the relationship between Drew and the Harley Davidson. It’s graceful, uplifting and resonant in its approach, as Drew paints his lifetime experiences around this theme. He brings that old school feel by bringing a new modern day sound to music that other artists are not doing anymore.

On “Harley-Addiction” Drew not only has something to say but he also gets his point across lyrically, artistically and brilliantly, as he puts so much life and passion into this song. Harley Drew deserves all the good things that come to him. On this track he invites you into his world, as you hold your breath on every line he says. Lyrically this man is creative. Sure he is cocky, but let’s face it, he can be. He’s on a Harley Davidson!