Dylo Smallz: “Internet Junkies” ft Long Beach “Badhabit DPG” – flows easily with the beat!

Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Dylo Smallz started recording at the age of 17. From being independent to a formerly signed artist with Taylor Gang Records, Dylo started his career on the playground, and has since made many impressions with industry contacts in recent years.

Dylo Smallz
Dylo Smallz

A banging beat and on point lyricism about the web and our addiction to it, leads to an entertaining track. A hungry sounding Dylo Smallz opens up “Internet Junkies” with a solid intro, hyping up the audience for what’s to come. The track was composed by Twan Beatmaker, arranged by Dylo Smallz and features Long Beach “Badhabit DPG”.

Wyoming’s, Dylo Smallz delivers an outstanding banger with “Internet Junkies”, while calling out the industry for being on the web – all the while rhyming with an addictive slow flow, and delivering his own chorus over rock steady beat.

The single cover
The single cover

The track seems to be dedicated to the internet fakes and haters and is laced with an intense screaming lead guitar melody. Dylo Smallz flows easily to this beat, and shows no mercy on his adversaries. His got real good story telling ability which is shown perfectly on the track.

If he doesn’t blow up big time, then people need to get their sound systems checked. From start to finish, Dylo Smallz along with Long Beach “Badhabit DPG”, solidifies himself as an interesting rap artist. Whether he’s getting dirty or spilling his soul out, he gets the job done properly. In a word – he stays consistent when his on top of a beat.

The more times you listen to “Internet Junkies” featuring Long Beach “Badhabit DPG”, the more you’ll love it. Even when Dylo Smallz and his crew is tearing up a track aggressively, they don’t miss a step! They’re that good!


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