“Passenger” – Bravado paints images with words and instrumentation

Bravado is a female fronted rock band that has been performing together for little over a year but has already drummed up interest around the country playing venues and festivals. The band consists of Pamela Stewart – Lead Vocals, Paula Knight– Vocals & Lead Guitar, Milo – Bass & Keyboard and B.Y – Drums. A few months ago, Bravado released the single and supporting video for “Passenger”, a track off the “Euphoria” EP. If you liked the hard-rocking and the 80’s power ballad era, you’ve got to love this track. These ladies (…and gentlemen) know how to put good music together. The power, punch, harmonic textures, and melodic hooks that they amalgamate are very impressive.


Crank up the volume and let Bravado rattle the pearly white’s right out of your head. The seasoning has an occasional and familiar dash of a classic rock era gone by, but the main ingredients are contemporary and fresh. Furthermore, the song reveals tiny aural gold nuggets upon repeated listening. You get a little of everything here: a hard rocking tune, some beautiful acoustic guitar, killer vocals, spot-on harmony, and overall superior songwriting. Paula Knight’s guitar playing and singing indicates that she is confidently at the helm of her craft, while Pamela Stewart’s lead vocals are stunning. Alongside them the twin-cylindered rhythm section made up of Milo and B.Y, is an immaculate powerhouse.

Music styles change. Each decade seems to have its signature style of music. Some bands, like Bravado, keep up and make both good and timely music, while still bringing in important influences from a past heritage along with them.  “Passenger” starts off with the sound of an acoustic guitar, and then takes off into a great mid-tempo rock song, which could belong to any rock era you choose.  The songwriting perfectly melds the raw rock sound of the 70s with the commerciality of the 80s, the alternative feel of the 90s, and the edginess of now. It’s a much welcome 180 degree departure from the overly formulaic, “marketing machine” sound, rock bands are currently carrying the torch for.

This track brings us back to what rock is truly about (and should be about) – in your face, straight ahead, passion rich rock-n-roll, complimented by some emotional, melodic, and heartfelt vocals to complete that perfect musical mix. Bravado’s newest effort paints images with words and instrumentation found sadly lacking in today’s music industry. Having taken in all the sights, the final destination you arrive at with “Passenger” has a feeling of being comfortable. The music is new and different, retaining a quality of familiarity.


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