CDAD: “Crazy” – a capacity to pliantly and patiently articulate passionate and ethereal soundscapes

CDAD’s vocals, lyrics and music, are not for the faint of heart. He lays himself bare and if you accept his invitation to reside in the raw spaces of his soul you will be richly rewarded and perhaps your own heart will be strengthened by knowing that this artist can have a giant impact on the deepest parts of your psyche. But don’t take my word on it; check out the latest synth-driven love-song by CDAD, entitled “Crazy”.

His voice has a deep and airy quality that sounds soulful and honest and melancholy all at the same time, while the few sparsely sung lyrics are honest and real and make you really ponder while you listen. And if for some reason you don’t feel like it, the music is stunning on its own! CDAD is the type of artist that understands you without trying to. He is trying to express himself with his music but along the way he expresses your emotions too. “Crazy” – a track made available only through Soundcloud – is a story about love. It’s about feeding the passionate beast inside of you, something we all have and that keeps us being human.

The single cover
The single cover

I adore the way CDAD can make me feel with the single beat of a drum, a few chords from a keyboard, and lovely whispered note. Everything compliments each other rather than takes away from the song. CDAD’s capacity to pliantly and patiently articulate the passionate and ethereal soundscapes of his personality reinforces the impression that he is no poser. The plea of his prose flows out in every direction and always returns to the burdens of love that he places on himself in “Crazy”.

The instrumental arrangement ascends and swirls thirsting for crescendo with a lush emotional vocabulary all of its own and it is a denser and more warmly layered composition than many people may even give it credit for. But it is the evocative textures that CDAD’s smoky vocals paint which is undeniably the glue that holds this song together. CDAD is one of those artists who manage to create songs that just feel familiar right away – not because they are predictable or overly-catchy, but because the intimacy draws you in immediately. This music reaches deep inside of you, and sometimes touches even places you might have forgotten existed – it is both haunting and atmospheric!

More About: CDAD is an audio engineer by trade, and all of his music is mixed and mastered at his home studio in Berlin. He currently works out of a studio in Berlin and records German voice-overs for video games. Later this year CDAD will be returning to Sydney to begin a Master’s degree research on the evolution of music production over the last decade. He will also start playing live shows regularly which people can find info about on his Facebook page.


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