The State School: “SLOFASTSLO” – a feast for rock n’ roll ears!

Brandon Aghamalian (Vocals), Dan Connolly (Guitar), Brandon Drake (Guitar), Brant Couch (Bass) and Dan Barrett (Drums) make up the Austin, TX rock band, The State School, who has released its album, entitled, “SLOFASTSLO”. The State School is one of the greatest, lesser known rock n’ roll bands flying around under the radar. Their music is infectious. It is as varied as the members which comprise this Texas quintet.

The State School
The State School

This album may lead to unexpected road trips. From the opening track, “She Said”, this album grabs you and won’t let go. Forget going to the corner store and listening to just one song on the way. Instead you’ll end up trying to explain to your significant other how you ended up headed for a sleepy Georgia town or on a beeline for the Rockies. “SLOFASTSLO” is simply that good. By the time the third track, “I Don’t Mind” pours out of your speakers, you are hooked.

The album is tight from beginning to end. Roaring, complex, Toto-styled jams like “Away From Me” and “Lie To Me”, lead to smooth Americana tinged melodies such as “Bethany” and “Save Us All”, and back to hair raising rock and roll heard on “The Anger”. While the rest of the world cheeses their way through the latest awful Corporate Rock and Nu-Metal offerings, do yourself a favor: Grab a copy of “SLOFASTSLO” and hit the road. The State School displays that certain something most of today’s music lacks…talent.

It’s my sincere belief that 5 stars will significantly underestimate the power and brilliance of the latest offering by this powerhouse band. The range of songs presented on this album gives even the novice rock n’ roll listener a serious dose of the soul filled musical medicine these gentlemen dose passionate fans with. The State School has indeed created a feast for musical ears.  Their tracks begin innocently enough and then build into tightly-knit, guitar-led rock n’ roll explosions that will reinvigorate the scene.

The State School
The State School

The State School plays as an ensemble, melding their individual sounds into a real group sound. I would imagine that they are at their best in a live setting. However this record succeeds in capturing all the elements of this band into a harmonious whole. The State School is strong in so many ways. The guitar work really stands out, as does the drums and bass, taking the songs in unexpected directions and will leave you wanting to hear more. The arrangements and the vocals are very strong too, encapsulating the transcendent expansion of each melody. This excellent instrumental and vocal combination will appeal to many different tastes and ages.

The State School is at the top of their game, exploring unusual time signatures and interesting chord progressions. Their music is full of energy and there is not a dull moment on the entire record. I’m not sure how long this band has been around, but judging by the surefootedness of their musicianship and the lyrical maturity in their songs – I would say forever!


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