Jaliet Caprana: “The Perfect Poison” – the lyrics touch the heart while the music touches the soul

Jaliet Caprana recently received an award for the E.P. “The Perfect Poison” which will be available in retail stores from June 10th 2016. Signed to Grim Music Records and T.M.G., Nicholas David Joseph Ahamnos better known by his stage name Jaliet Caprana, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer, audio engineer, and songwriter from Woodridge, Illinois.

Jaliet Caprana
Jaliet Caprana

He blends street life and introspective flavors in a hip hop format that makes most of his contemporaries sound like fluff. Jaliet Caprana is coming from the ground up, and the only reason he can do this independently is because his lyrics are so real.

You can really feel the subjects he is rhyming about. He really is something different that is on the market right now, as he has his own type of flow that really sinks you into his music.

Caprana also has some of the most bumping beats out there. On “The Perfect Poison”, he has all kinds of different styles, from the up-tempo banging tracks, to the dirty gangsta lyrical wizardry, to the emotional songs and the alternative rock styles.

While other rappers may try and be more witty and intellectual with their lyrics, Caprana’s music is a lot deeper and more down to earth. He would also appeal more to folks who have lived the hard life. His lyrics represent the struggling class, but his slick production can easily appeal to the suburban population.

Jaliet Caprana’s lyrics touch the heart while his music touches the soul. If you listen to rap, then it’s just one more bonus. If you’ve considered listening to rap but do not like the same old same sound from mainstream artists, check out “The Perfect Poison”. This is as good as it gets.

Jaliet-Caprana-300Tune into standouts like “Teach Yourself How To Be A Man”, “Ima Beat The Game”, “The Perfect Poison” and “Under Pressure”. This white boy is off the hook, which is further proof that we need to quit blowing white boys off like they can’t rap. Anyone who appreciates rap music for true lyricism and honesty must own this one.

Caprana addresses a wide range of subjects, including very personal ones, in this album. The concepts in his songs are pure genius and lyrically few in the underground rap game can touch him.

Jaliet Caprana has a voice and style that makes him a standout amongst the hip hop community and he combines intelligent lyrics along with catchy refrains. After you listen to almost any song on this album just once, you will have the chorus stuck in your head – something that few are able to achieve.

You can’t top the beats on this album either. They bring a great vibe to every song, and each song has its own feel to it. I reckon that the Caprana musical movement will be riding real high soon if he keeps turning out tracks and albums of the caliber shown on “The Perfect Poison”.


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