Harvey Taylor: “Don’t Do It (Coat Her Throat Like…)” will put you in a motivated frame of mind!

Harvey Taylor born Keion Cooksey is an American Hip-Hop artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He started rapping at the age of 15, but didn’t take it serious until 19 while he was in prison and another inmate recognized his potential.

Harvey Taylor
Harvey Taylor

Once released from jail in 2012 he created his own team ‘Purple Symphony’ with his childhood friend, Paris Stanback who is also a rap artist and goes by the name of PTHUG.

A few months back Harvey Taylor dropped the track, “Don’t Do It (Coat Her Throat Like…)” Prod. (Akihabara). As you would expect from most modern rappers, Taylor has a lot of stoner and sexual references (the title itself is very clear indeed!) but what’s more interesting about this track is the fact that he is trying to motivate fans.

It’s a feel good track that will put you in a motivated frame of mind and help you get through the grind of an everyday lifestyle as your thoughts move into fantasyland.

The track rides so nice it makes a non-smoker want to light up. Running through his catalog it is clear that Harvey Taylor isn’t at his best when he’s making big, anthemic pop tunes.

Harvey Taylor & friends
Harvey Taylor & friends

He is a whole lot better on top of a minimal beat, just chilling, smoking a joint and sounding like he’s freestyling his bars. Taylor makes some of the best rap music for people to just vibe out and relax to while listening.

He also does benefit from having some of the best trippy and groovy beat selections around, and that keeps him sounding fresh. From the beautiful pianos and floating synths everything on his tracks sounds as sleek as you can get.

Warm, minimal, and perfect for reflection “Don’t Do It (Coat Her Throat Like…)” will catch your attention due to Taylor flexing his clever wordplay muscles. It’s centered on his favorite themes of sex, marijuana and money.

Hook, verses, beat, background vocals -the title says it all. Harvey Taylor sounds like one of the coolest stoners on this side of the web, and he just keeps throwing a new party too!


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