ZiON: “Life” has something special is brewing underneath!

Many may put off by his excessive use of the N-word on the “Life” but something special is brewing underneath the shock and awe tactics. There is a hint of it in his production choices. There is a hint of it in his surefooted, commanding voice — one of those voices that seems born for performance, a mature force that contrasts his temper-tantrum lyrics and production style.

ZiON aka Yung $eal has just dropped a track which is a testament to just what he is trying to exhibit. “Life” sees Zion coming out swinging about real life struggles, social status and being on the grind. The song is hard-hitting and on point lyrically, while Suijin’s production holds up perfectly under the flow.


The choice of minimal breezy production is a one of the high points of the track, which one can only hope ZiON will continue to revisit and refine as he moves forward in his career, because it’s just that impressive.

Not only that, the lyrical content tackles a surprisingly complex social issue, as ZiON manages to approach controversy with both introspection and the humor and clever metaphors that will most probably become his lyrical trademark.

He writes about soaring above it all and not giving a damn about what anybody else thinks. He forms part of that group of artists who undoubtedly are among the most inventive, clever and recognizably distinct underground emcees we have nowadays.

ZiON gives the impression of someone who is not one to swim with the tide and certainly doesn’t with this latest offering. However the track is fairly easy listen to, with its stylized production and ever-changing pace, and it provides a glimpse into the mind of a smart, obnoxious, creative force that clearly isn’t short of ideas to bring to life and risks to take. ZiON knows precisely which buttons he is pushing.


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