Zufo: “We’re Time Machines” – who has been sleeping on this stuff!

Out of the midst of all the horrid music playing on the radio, your interest will be sparked by the single “We’re Time Machines”, by Zufo.  To me it sounds like a twist on 90’s Brit Pop straight out of Manchester and that sort of thing, similar type of emotions, mixed in with modern tricks and hooks, but you’d never expect something this unique to come out of Vancouver, Canada! Awesome.


I’m amazed how great it sounds, totally fresh, alive, out front, honest, real, with excellent instrumentation, a nice studio mix for the effects, and just great songwriting too. The vocals are perfect, with just the right amount of emotion and relatability laden over a modern indie-type rock sound.

If Zufo can carry on like this, he might be the one, you’re thinking. Until you notice that this song has been around for about a year already. The question is who the heck has been sleeping on this stuff!

By the time Zufo was 15 he owned every Beatles album and had taught himself guitar by listening to their songs. He played guitar from that point on in various bands throughout high school, but never got the idea to actually start writing songs until he was about 20 after hearing Simple Minds.

He eventually rented some studio equipment and recorded about 30 songs…without vocals, because he never thought of himself as a singer. By some fluke he traded his some musical gear for 20 hours of real studio time and recorded 4 songs with him singing, which eventually got onto student radio with some success.


Zufo also says that he does not see music as a business, does not make much money from it, and does not follow the radio charts. Instead he channels his energies towards online outlet’s ‘with vigor’, but again is not over-interested by the outcome of such endeavors. No you know who has been sleeping on “We’re Time Machines”!

I am quite the music snob and have listened to a number of modern indie/alternative rocks bands. My biggest problem with these new generation bands is that they’re too cute-sounding, for lack of a better description. Zufo is different, however. He has soul. But then he comes from another generation.

It has been several years since I have heard an artist that allows himself to love his music so much that you can almost hear it in his voice, the rhythm and the lyrics. The new breed of music artist simply loves himself! Period.

And once you’ve profoundly examined that statement, you’ll understand why the music business is in the predicament it is. Zufo is one of those rare artists that have burst through the radar to land into my very selective music collection. He is an easy listen. There is a warm feeling behind his music and a sense of melody and charm that is rarely seen in other bands of our new ringtone-ready era.


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