Emy Cee: ‘Above The Sky’ – showcases a dynamic voice and a unique sound that is her own!

‘Above The Sky’ marks Emy Cee’s return to music after a hiatus. This break, however, wasn’t her first. In the aftermath of September 11, Emy Cee took a break from her art to serve her country. Since then, she has been passionately promoting and supporting the cause of veterans. Another one of her accomplishments has been performing alongside Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, in support of veterans at the Bob Woodruff Foundation ‘Stand Up for Heroes’ benefit concert, which also included Bruce Springsteen among others. In addition to music, Emy Cee can be heard in some popular brand commercials, calls, even tutorials around the globe via her booming voice over career.

Emy Cee has been influenced by the likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, and the like, but it was the tragic death of Selena Quintanilla, in 1995, that inspired her artistic spark into a burning flame. ‘Above The Sky’ just blows the measly competition out there right now.

emy-cee-350In her heavenly voice I hear the phrasings of Jill Scott, the deep feeling of Fantasia, and the vocal acumen of Corrine Rae Bailey. Three things make this single a winner. 1) Emy Cee showcases a dynamic voice and a unique sound that is her own. 2) The production by Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production, LLC, seamlessly blends the retro and modern, while sounding completely urban soul, with jazzy flourishes to boot. 3) Emy Cee wrote the music and lyrics. How many songstresses do you know that actually compose their own songs?

‘Above The Sky’ is much welcomed return to classy and sophisticated soul, jazz and R&B infused music to the center stage. Rarely does a singer come along whose talent manages to ascend above major record deals, music trends and fickle listeners. Sure, there’ll be plenty of comparisons to other artists, but Emy Cee has a tonality in her voice that simply gives you chills.

The main problem with the music industry is that it is polluted with artist topping the charts who truly are not great singers. The listener is diluted with overtly sexual lyrics and so many obnoxious visuals that when a voice this stylish comes along, many will miss the pure elegance and quality of its flow.

Thankfully, there are plenty of us who will get it. Emy Cee is definitely someone who knows who she is and where she is going. Her strong, resilient, articulate voice with sound influences from legends that made the game, will surely lead the way.

Emy Cee is now ready to tackle the music industry by herself. The New York City based artist is releasing the new single – which forms part of an upcoming EP – on all major digital music platforms, including streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL, as well as shops like iTunes and Google Play.

In fact the single is already available on iTunes. I’m not easy to impress musically and have extremely discriminating taste, but Emy Cee not only doesn’t disappoint, she soared way pass my expectations and promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry during her second coming.


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