Mulah Vegas: “Vibe”provides a style, flow and sound that that everyone can enjoy

Mulah Vegas is a young talented rapper out of Kinston NC making head way. Mulah is mostly known in the mixtape circuit as a rapper who writes rhymes that fit his beats like a glove. His previous works have been rated excellent and are highly recommended by fans and critics alike.

Mulah manages to make his tracks seem interesting by injecting his personality over a lot of smooth production. He has that smooth voice that really works well with one of his latest tracks, “Vibe”. He cleverly puts together his lyrics to make them flow simply throughout the song with no problem – “Me, you and the money, that’s a threesome. Now open wide, let me see some.”

Mulah-Vegas-ProfileApart from the really smart one-word song title, Mulah Vegas has a really cool style. And while the production of this track does not overshadow his relaxed tone, the beat of “Vibe”, however, will draw you in as it is extremely smooth yet refreshing.

Mulah’s verses then slowly melt over the soulful beat. As his ear for production gets stronger and stronger, and his flow more endearing, expectations for Mulah Vegas will definitely grow, as it has done since his launch as an artist.

What made past Mulah Vegas releases so great was the simplicity and cohesiveness of the records. This was the case with “Mulah Banger”, and that formula works here too. Once again he comes through and provides us with the style, flow and sound that that everyone enjoyed on the previous single.

While many other artists deviate from what they primarily used, to create a core following, Mulah so far refuses to do.  And I have to say I respect him for that. His tracks are so easy to listen to, which is not such a simple thing to achieve, no matter how uncomplicated the task may seem like in words.

Mulah Vegas is still a very underrated and underappreciated artist, but those are the people who are usually making the best music. He is able to make music to relate to without getting over complicated and cryptic.

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