Christian and Gospel artist, Samie Bisaso has been nominated in 3 categories by the ”International Music and Entertainment Awards Association”  which is due to take place on October 8th 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Sammy will be running on the following categories:

You can find out more about the 2016 IMEAA Music Awards nominees here. You can also watch Samie Bisaso’s latest music videos on his YouTube channel.

About the “Million Pieces” album:

samie-bisaso-million-coverIt is an inspirational album containing 13 tracks, featuring hit songs like, “Completely”, “Live for you”, “Million Pieces”, “Already better”, “Only with You”, “Take my heart”, “Lord I wait”, “Let Him Be”, “Forever in My Heart”, and more!
“When I recorded this album I wanted to deliver something that was going to encourage those who are in the valley of the lives,” says Samie. “To let them know that even though their lives have been shattered like a glass into a million pieces – God has got your back! The question is, will you trust Him enough to help you piece it together again! When life is broken like a glass into a million Pieces, are you able to stand in the middle of it all and say: Lord i will trust you!”

“God can heal a broken heart but He has to have all pieces. We must leave and trust everything into God’s hands,” continues Samie.  The song “Million Pieces” empowers listeners to find strength in trusting God, to triumph over every life’s trial and test. “Million Pieces” is an incredible collection of powerful stores that reach the corner of the heart to inspire the soul. Samie Bisaso says, ”It’s difficulty to walk past beautiful pieces of broken people without knowing how you can help them be whole again.”

“Million Pieces” is a poetic song inspired by Job in the Bible, who believed in hope even when he appeared to be hopeless! And he expressed in a statement, ”I know my redeemer lives”. Even though life has been shattered like a glass into a million pieces, are you able to trust God in a messy place? Will you trust Him enough to help you piece it together when life’s broken, like a glass into a million pieces?