Hudi’s slick, emotional and intellectual sides all come out in these tracks!

Hudson Prichett Aka Hudi is a rapper and producer from Washington Heights who started producing at age 16 while in high school. This guy is intelligent. The lyrics are timeless and the beats are infectious. Now, what I don’t like about rap music is the useless cursing, unless it is done seamlessly to enhance the storyline. I don’t hear the senseless cursing on any of the songs I listened to by Hudi because the lyrics are meaningful and the flow is so smooth, like a really good Scotch.


A couple of ‘fuck’ words here and there just spiced up the proceedings. The fact that there was no need to go and search any clean versions of the songs, which normally just confuse the translations, was a major plus. Listen to it raw or not at all, I say.

This is what rap can be when you remove the fluff. Intelligent and driven, the three songs I listened to – “Hold Me Down” (Prod. by Austin Marc), “She Doesn’t Like Me, She Likes The Drugs” and “Dürer Lullaby” (Prod. by BNJMN.), have enough moods to satisfy most people.

Hudi shows that there’s no age limit on hip hop, if you’re technically capable and artistically creative you can find your own road.  I totally appreciated that Hudi keeps it real by speaking to what’s real to most people and the lives they actually live, not fantasy like most of the rappers.

His songs are personal and deal with relationships, and all of its connected vices and woes. But I was most amazed at how deep he goes into each of his themes.

Take lyrics like “Telling me about my heart line,  You don’t really know anything though, Seraph looking pretty pretty with the halo, Pretty pussy getting sticky on the payroll, Essentially love is a currency that we unfold,” from “Dürer Lullaby”, or “It was fun for a night then we clicked, couldn’t undo , And I thought the connection was spiritual , It’s like thoughts and recollections were lyrical, I never cry you found some tears to pull, You saw me right and real and vulnerable,” on “Hold Me Down”.

And finally She can’t feel her toes, Stomach boutta throw up , Fuck, Prozac in her coat, Take it up the nose, Oh my god…” from “She Doesn’t Like Me, She Likes The Drugs”, to get an idea of the maturity and depth of Hudi’s lyrical expressions, which go way beyond his years.

Yet he is clever enough to wrap all of this profoundness inside attention-grabbing, catchy, almost bouncy tunes. To be honest I don’t think a lot of young rappers can ride to a beat as smoothly as Hudi does here, hell not a lot of rappers at all, now that I think about it, but Hudi is flawless on just about every track. He delivers his deep and melodic rhymes with a subtle tenacity that hasn’t been seen in mainstream rap for quite some time.

His slick, emotional and intellectual sides definitely all come out in these tracks. Hudi is one of the more exiting rising artists in the underground game, and a much needed figure to bolster a completely terrible time in mainstream Hip Hop.

Hudi doesn’t sacrifice catchiness for profoundness, or even vice versa. He just weaves it all together into one infectious audio blend that will captivate you, from the first bar to the very last!


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