Echo Twelve: “The Huntress” ft. Eileen Jaime – a certifiable underground game-changer

Echo Twelve fell in love with electronic music at the age of 12 when he discovered groups such as 808 State and Beats International, as well as the burgeoning acid house scene. From there, he quickly developed a preference for more underground sounds, and spent many an evening tuning in to Irish pirate radio stations such as Power FM to hear the sort of house music that could not be heard anywhere else. Echo Twelve is already on his second collective release, “Thrown In At The Deep End”, which is the follow up to the EP “Soulitude”. In between he has taken the time to do a Daft Punk Parody, and a few other interesting things.

Taken from the 12-track album, “Thrown In At The Deep End”, comes the single, “The Huntress” ft. Eileen Jaime. Through his releases Echo Twelve has communicated a clear message: he isn’t going to be defined by a single genre.

In 2016, he came into his own, unleashing “Soulitude” upon the world and securing his footing as a certifiable underground game-changer.  Since, Echo Twelve has embraced multiple style combinations within one cohesive core setting – remaining catchy but slightly left-field of the mainstream – a feat which his natural virtuosity allows him to accomplish with ease.

“The Huntress” ft. Eileen Jaime, traces that same eclectic line. It offers a melody and a vocal as infectious as the song’s name implies. Though the track has a busy beat with an insistent staccato piano, a thumping bassline and banging percussion, it still comes off as dreamy and minimal in essence.  Also thanks to Eileen’s sweet and whispery voice, of course.

The music itself is upbeat and uplifting, but is juxtaposed with the ethereal female voice that continues to evoke a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia. It is a great play on contrasts which works to perfection in giving the track massive replay value.

Eileen Jaime’s voice will entice and entrap you; while Echo Twelve’s musical arrangement seduces and thumps you into numbing submission. And you will hit replay again and again, because you just love the hypnotizing sensation this track bestows on you.

This is the kind of material that should drive Echo Twelve away from the bubbling stratosphere of radio-chasing clone-like EDM artists, and into the exclusive club of elite EDM artists excelling today – even though this track has all the potential necessary to break into the mainstream, if it wants to.

Furthermore, “The Huntress” ft. Eileen Jaime also provides substantial reinforcement to an album – “Thrown In At The Deep End” – that has an abundance of solid material.


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