Rainy Day Crush: “Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It)” – The new combination is captivating

Rainy Day Crush is back with a new lineup and new music – “Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It)” is the first single from their upcoming EP, titled, “I’m Still Alive,” which will be released June 7th. Rainy Day Crush has now become a bit of a paradox of a band. On one hand, they fit well with the rock scene, with catchy choruses that would blend in on any standard rock radio stations and such. But on the other hand, their music goes so much deeper than that, with intricately woven keyboard and guitar licks, progressive all-out drumming and bass hooks, and plenty of layered harmonies. This all plays to their advantage on this track which flip-flops through different styles and overtones quite schizophrenically in just on three minutes.

Old fans will be surprised by the new sound, while new fans can expect nothing short of pure awesome from this record. “Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It)”kicks off with production-heavy entrance and all engines running. It’s an interesting technique that a lot of bands use, but Rainy Day Crush do it with their own personal flair that sparks an incredible energy right from the get-go. The combination is captivating, before the music cuts back, allowing the vocals to step in before gaining momentum together. There’s no doubt that the soaring chorus will stick with you.

The more you listen to “Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It)”, the better it sounds. It all flows together. The music. The lyrics. The emotion in the music is right there as you listen to it, tugging at your soul, as only good music can do.

The complex arrangement and overall full-spectrum rock sound is not dissimilar to what Toto sounded like at their peak. And that’s saying a lot, both technically and musically. To say that Matt Specht (Piano, Guitar, Vocals), Derek Schattl (Bass) and Mike Wynn Jr. (Drums, Vocals), rose to the occasion here would be a gross understatement.

“Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It)” is truly a step forward with pure respect to the past (which was brilliant as well). Here Rainy Day Crush has practically overturned the tables with a totally new sound.

They show how exceptional musicians can evolve creatively and keep intact their musical integrity while radically changing their sound from previous releases. The single presents itself to be a deeper reflection of who they are personally and as a band channeled in a cohesive collaboration that defines what a band should be collectively.

It’s a mature body of work and one that in my opinion speaks volumes on why this band, regardless of its variations, still creates inspiring, compelling and masterfully performed original music that never ceases to amaze.


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