Will Hoyek: “Paradise” is intense, seductive and the power behind it is best described as magnetic

This is an interesting period for electronic genre. For the last 2-3 years many creative Dj/Producers have spun a wide array of minimalistic electronica in the search for the pulse of house music and perhaps blaze a path forward that is unique and interesting while reflecting their own style. Will Hoyek has experimented along these lines, moving to a nostalgic tech-house that is true to the recesses of a dark and subliminal place where we depart from our day-selves.

The track “Paradise” reflects a sound which is best indicated in the way Hoyek handles space, a consistent rate of peaks embedded across the track. This is not atmospheric music, it is intense, seductive and the power behind it is best described as magnetic.

The journey takes you from stomping percussion, through traces of bass and then as you settle in, ever inward until you are immersed in a fierce rhythm of very groovy drums with lots of complexity. The quality of the recording is outstanding. The engineering inspired, in summary? State of the art.

“Paradise” is created by a producer who understands only too well the powerful, all-compassing effect of rhythm, and why tech house has become a dominant force in modern electronic music. At its best, tech house combines the soul and groove of house with the raw, visceral energy of techno, creating music that in the right hands can deliver the perfect dancefloor experience – in this case “Paradise” by Will Hoyek.

The track moves you through the deepest space. This is a fantastic musical statement that takes you on a real trip and proves Will Hoyek has plenty of ideas and more than enough skills to pull them off. It plays out like a groove in the cosmos and is hugely absorbing from start to finish.

Obviously playing clubs and events has given also Hoyek great experience of working a crowd, and you can hear that dance floor focus in this production. All in all “Paradise” is very solid and a promise for stellar forthcoming deliveries by the man from Beirut.


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