Young Nino: “Hands On Ya Knees” – the professor emeritus of hip-hop debauchery!

Coming from the Southside of Atlanta, Ga., Carlton Walker, better known by his stage name Young Nino, is influenced by legends such as 2pac, Biggie, Scarface, Outkast, 8ball & MJG, and UGK. He is currently promoting his club banger “Hands On Ya Knees”. This isn’t exactly a startling revelation, as hip-hop has always been rife with MCs who style themselves as unrepentant hedonists, recounting in vivid detail – the loose women, the late nights, and popping bottles, etc. And while for most rappers, this kind of bacchanalia equates to a background chattering constant, Atlanta’s Young Nino sounds like the professor emeritus of hip-hop debauchery on this single, as he goes in hard and gives us full insight into the ‘booty syndrome’.

There’s no other way to describe what’s going on throughout “Hands On Ya Knees”, except that it’s a giant party in the club. And an arousing one at that. Young Nino knows who he is and doesn’t veer off the path. The track plays out like the soundtrack to an epic night, with the occasional rapper friend stopping by for a conversation and giving you all the details as the scene plays out.

If you’re looking for a track that bumps in the whip, this is the one you’re looking for. It’ll also serve as part of the soundtrack to every autumn party you attend. The production should have any audiophile coming back, and the hooks and flow should definitely draw in any hip hop fan.

The song’s pulling power is due to three constants: a drum heavy instrumental that will keep you pinned to the floor, lyrics that masterfully cater to their audience, and a wholly engaging persona that effortlessly rides the rhythm.

Young Nino sounds truly assertive as he flows atop the booming beat, while spitting: “I’m the king of the night life, you know how I do it. Got the girls going wild, we be getting’ to it…”

As much as this type of sound has now become a popular equation and a familiar club scene soundtrack, just about everywhere in America, “Hands On Ya Knees” has some moments where it elevates onto even higher ground, if you can take the lyrical heat.

The lust-filled nature of the lyrics is on-key with the emotion of its underlying landscape, and hits close to the bone (no pun intended!), as Young Nino’s smartly timed verbal articulation holds together the slickness of the rhythm which is ready jump-start the party!


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