John Grind is a hell of a songwriter with an undeniably cracking voice, brilliant lyrics, colossal tunes, grungy swagger and of course, as always, the right amount of light and shade in his songs. Through his life experiences riddled with pain, darkness, and self-destruction he has quickly moved towards being an adventurous and psychedelic musical maverick and author of timeless sounding pop-rock songs that effortlessly became part of our consciousness. Grind is a masterful song writer. Raw, brash and yet supremely polished – “Numb”, the single taken from his “Beauty Of Decay” EP, is an impressive track an ever-reliable artist.

There’s something altogether confident about “Numb”, the pumping acoustic confection of the opening bars instantly establishes the track as an outing that knows what it’s doing. That goes part and parcel with the man behind such heartfelt and soulful compositions. Grind rests comfortably in his more subdued and downbeat moodiness, but ably displays his abilities in writing intensely layered acoustically dominated rock.

Over the course of the “Beauty Of Decay” EP, John Grind breezes between the upbeat and balladic with ease. There are flourishes of brilliance throughout, the piano over guitars, the introspective lyrics and the sprawling riff work, yet “Numb” is distinctly stand alone.

There’s dalliances with grunge, old rock, Brit pop-rock and the delicious nods to ’00s alternative. Along with his slightly pained vocal (which works very well with this song) there’s so much to like here. But then again, every song by Grind is just pure quality from start to finish.

And “Beauty Of Decay” is the kind of recording that you just want to hide yourself away with and just listen to it on repeat forever. On this EP, besides the singing and songwriting, John handles Guitars, Keyboards and Drums, with the support of Ryan Lundy (Guitar Backup) and Will Kencel (Bass)

“Numb” is an instant classic with its rolling chorus hook and subtle grungy twang. It’s a euphoric driver which is offset nicely by the mellow and moody hum of the verses. “Numb” is a track brimming with confidence and energy.

Grind is definitely in control of everything and has obviously nurtured his talent at singing, playing, writing and producing for this release. And all for the better. As can be heard on the EP, John Grind’s music is a superb mix of melancholy, tranquille melodies and some rip-roaring tunes.  The main focus is the power and strength of Grind’s voice, and he does not disappoint.