New Dawn Music Group Releases Summer Festival Song “Da Dee Dee”

“Da Dee Dee” is now available online on all major media platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music. This new hit track has an EDM festival feel to get music lovers summer ready.

“Da Dee Dee” is the first of many tracks DJ ChaseDawn and New Dawn Music Group will release. New Dawn Music Group has trap music, progressive house, tech house, and more EDM music on the way. “Da Dee Dee” is the hottest new track to include in anyone’s 2018 summer EDM mix.

The Da Dee Dee DJ/mixer didn’t get to Da Dee Dee overnight. Born in Baltimore, MD, DJ ChaseDawn was introduced to DJing on the local club scene. In exchange for lessons, DJ ChaseDawn carried crates of records and helped with sound checks and shows. At only 16, DJ Chasedawn was ready to fly solo. Although DJ ChaseDawn started from humble beginnings, it led him to work in clubs in Italy, Korea, the Philippines, and across the United States.

DJ ChaseDawn has experienced all genres, leading him to create his own style as seen in “Da Dee Dee”. Each playlist is planned carefully to make sure it features the best and most current music. Whether in the studio or performing live, his intuition and skill allow him to feel the crowd and keep energy levels high no matter what. DJ Chasedown comments, “I love when the dance floor is packed and everyone is having fun. I know when people hear a DJ and like the music, they’ll come to the next event”.

About New Dawn Music Group: New Dawn Music Group is an independent record label that specializes in EDM, hip-hop, and Afro-pop music.

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