TheVerce: “The Dawg Walk 6” ft. Pastor Troy – an attention-grabbing track in zero seconds!

TheVerce is an artist who knows how to make songs that echo in the brain of listeners. Songs like “The Dawg Walk”, and “Booty Tude” which were released more than 7 years ago are a delight to the ears till today.  “The Dawg Walk”, in particular, has been through a series of sequels, leading up to the brand new 2018 release, “The Dawg Walk 6 (Stadium Edition)”. Although he’s been around for a couple of years, and the industry has become even more competitive, the Atlanta rapper is an artist that can create hit sounding tracks, effortlessly. The new track which continues to hype The UGA Bulldog Football squad, also features Pastor Troy.

Here we find TheVerce spitting lyrical flames as his vocals rock the wavy beat. One unhidden element of this track is the sync between his flow and the production. That’s what you get when an artist and producers have studied each other.

TheVerce’s back catalog is like a treasure chest filled with countless tracks as treasures. Listeners don’t have to dig deep before finding adrenalin pumping bangers and anthems. Whether you’re listening randomly or in an ascending or descending order, you’ll stumble into an attention-grabbing track in zero seconds.

And the “The Dawg Walk” series is definitely a standout in the bunch. TheVerce (short for Verce-a-tile), began his recording career in Atlanta, GA, by following the southern trend of distinctive hip-hop, and has since stepped out to write and perform truly versatile songs.

TheVerce’s rap’s in recognizable tones that will draw fans in. Though the lyrics are different than from what one would normally hear on the rap charts, the beat and flow are exactly what our popular culture looks forward to hearing before a night out or before a big game.

This one could be a radio hit, as it is catchy, as well as a pump-up song for any group of people with a common goal, across the country, and not just the UGA Bulldog Football squad and its fans. The song lyrics may allude to a defined object but provides a familiarity in the beat and tone that easily attracts longtime hip-hop listeners from any extraction.

“The Dawg Walk 6 (Stadium Edition)” ft. Pastor Troy sees TheVerce at his most polished and focused, as he keeps his musical ball rolling in 2018. The song effectively continues to clarify his sound, while the intention of the beat and flow is clear: TheVerce doesn’t traffic in filler songs.

Hence the overall effect is a track that plays like a how-to for mass appeal. “The Dawg Walk 6 (Stadium Edition)” is an excitable piece that appropriately introduces TheVerce to rap fans who have not heard him yet.

Furthermore, it lets us know that not only does TheVerce deliver a diverse catalogue of sounds but he actually raps about real stuff which is hard to find amongst the most recent up and coming artists!


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