Neptyoon – “Laid Back” – expect moments of pure mesmerism on this track

Influenced by artists such Juice Wrld, 50 Cent, Future, Jay Z, Kevin Gates, Project Pat, Juicy J, and more, Neptyoon makes music that kids can, and do relate to. His brand new release is entitled “Laid Back” produced by CJ Beatz, LLC. Fueled by weed and chilling with his homie, Neptyoon recorded this track on a laptop in the heat of the moment. “Laid back getting high, yeah. I’m just tryna to smoke. Stay fly go away and die,” sings the rapper, as he makes his thoughts clear: “Life been getting to me. I don’t know which way 2 go.

G Angels – “Born” – a true genre-transpiring gem!

G Angels is an independent group that released their debut single “Never Confident” on 24th May 2020. The group consists of singer-songwriter Gleb, and composer, engineer, and sound producer Tosha, who initially made electronic music. The duo, who create in different styles and genres, released their second single, “Born” on July 24, and the track shows a remarkable amount of confidence. And that’s a fantastic thing for a new group. Through the atmospheric buildup of the opening bars, though the spectacular swirling verses, and right up to the aching choruses, the darkened atmosphere is as relentless as it is cohesive

Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a new release: “Abisso” (Abyss)

Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a new release: Abisso (Abyss). A brand new production with a tech feel and other influences. Artist and producer Paolo Virdis is back on the scene with a distinctive sound and a one-of-a-kind attitude. His most recent release is titled Abisso (Abyss), and it showcases some of his best creative output to date. The track has a distinctive beat and a nice layering of synth parts, reminiscent of techno, as well as trance music and other EDM currents. This production has a nice retro vibe, but it also feels compact and direct.

Brannon announces new album ‘Everyday Heroes’

Brannon announces new album ‘Everyday Heroes’. The 13 track album is a masterclass in acoustic rock songwriting  Brannon specializes in the type of classic, no frills songwriting that defies trends and speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners.  A collaboration between award winning lyricist Jonathon Brannon and ace studio vocalist David Cagle, the duo’s songs are filled with a rare authenticity and honesty, making them stand out from the crowd of their fame seeking peers.  With their new album, Brannon are proving the timeless appeal of a well-crafted song. Fans of old fashioned acoustic rock should take notice. Opening


THE BRKN RELEASE NEW SONG AND VIDEO FOR “BE COOL” DEBUT EP NO. 3 OUT NOW BOTH AVAILABLE ON RIGHT BRAIN MUSIC GROUP/INGROOVES  The BRKN’s Jacob Cade – Guitar & Synth, Mike Bokenkamp -drums and MJ Younkers -guitar release new song and video for “Be Cool.” Stream it here: Taking a different direction from their 2019 debut release No. 3, The BRKN steps away from their infectious brand of pop-punk and deliver a more pop-rock sound with “Be Cool,” giving us a great summer rock song and perhaps a taste of what’s to come. The song is filled with

Dragg – “Letter To My Love” is the second single from the EP “L.i.T”

“Letter To My Love” is the second single from Dragg’s EP “L.i.T”, and features singer-songwriter Frya who recently wrote & performed the theme track for popular South African Netflix series “Blood And Water,” and is dedicated to whom Dragg describes as “the love of my life.” Dragg uses metaphors, double-entendres and cleverly crafted schemes, whilst Frya adds a powerful, heartfelt delivery guaranteed to keep R&B/Soul lovers captivated. With minimalistic production, an addictive keys chord progression and a sparse mix overall, emphasized by the reverb, “Letter To My Love” enables Dragg and Frya’s vocals to really  take center stage. Lawrence Sean

US-based Contemporary Christian band Pivotal Awakening Drop the Official Video for “Soulblind”

“Soulblind” is the debut song and first-ever music video by Pivotal Awakening, a US-based Contemporary Christian band. The band create encouraging and uplifting songs with engaging sounds and impactful themes. Here they lead the charge with another impressive arsenal of sweet soulful sounds and meaningful lyrics. It’s no surprise that their songs tend to captivate and excite listeners. Without reservation, “SoulBlind” kicks off on a surefooted organic note. The opening chords and drums launch the introduction of the song; the verse and chorus picks up with thoughtful but energetic drums, piano, and guitar. Mindi Odom on vocals leads the song,

Yeison Jimenez & Silvestre Dangond Present ‘Gracias a ti’

Yeison Jimenez & Silvestre Dangond The Greatest Exponents of Two Genres Defining Colombian Culture and Folklore Present ‘Gracias a ti’ Both music stars are joining forces to merge Vallenato with Colombian regional music, in a collaboration without comparison that promises to be an anthem for posterity. Yeison Jiménez, the greatest exponent of popular music in Colombia, and singer and instrumentalist Silvestre Dangond, who is considered one of the principal and greatest representatives of the new wave of the genre Vallenato, have joined forces to present “Gracias a ti”, a musical proposal that fuses Vallenato with regional Colombian music, as well

Playfio – ‘Nameless Man’ will take you on a unforgettable ride through time and space

In celebration of the upcoming release of Arcadian Resonance on 20th August by the alternative rock artist Playfio, they will be showcasing a brand new music video every Friday under the hashtag #ONEaWEEK – 16 videos in total, running  for 3 and half months.  Follow Playfio on Facebook to follow this epic stream of awe inspiring music video releases. Over the past two years since the debut release of ‘Arcadian Rhythm’ in 2018, Playfio has had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented creatives to create some jar dropping good videos. Four of these videos will precede the 20.08.20


MONOTRONIC RELEASES NEW SONG AND VIDEO FOR “KIDS OF SUMMER” VIA THE ORCHARD WITH THREE MORE SINGLES SLATED TO BE RELEASED IN 2020. NEXT SINGLE “BUY YOURSELF A DREAM” OUT IN SEPTEMBER With danceable grooves, glaring riffs and chantable refrain, Monotronoc releases “Kids of Summer,” new song and video out now.  See The video here:  “It’s got an upbeat vibe that feels right for summer, but also speaks to the times, in terms of all the youth energy we are seeing out in the streets, which I think is leading to real change” explains Monotronic’s Ramsey Elkholy. Monotronic

Saba Brothers: “Boomerang” explodes out of the speakers with a cool intensity

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Saba Brothers is made up of Raymond Saba (Guitar, Vocals), Steven Saba (Drums, Vocals) and Nathan Saba (Bass, Vocals). Formed in 2010 when its members were between the ages of 6 and 11, the trio started in their living room playing covers and originals, as they built their reputation among family, friends and fans. Their taste for tight, lean, rhythmic, and melodic alt-rock and pop, spill over into their own music. Their songs captivates with clever guitar licks, rolling basslines, tasty and powerful drumming, and their interesting use of harmonies behind the lead vocals. So many of their songs are immediately memorable and catchy. And their latest release “Boomerang”, expected to release June 7, is no exception to the rule.

The song jumps out of the gates with a crunchy, overdriven guitar riff, and a stop-start rhythm section, quickly giving the track a highly impacting intro. At once you realize that the Saba Brothers have added real weight and grit to their sound.

As soon as the vocals slide in, it’s also clear that they haven’t lost their melodic slant, as the lead vocal carries a smooth ear worm tune which turns into a catchy anthemic chorus. This is probably the band’s most immediately recognizable, and hard-hitting track so far, which is also embellished with a killer guitar solo.

The band are young enough to have the energy and excitement of youth, and the experience of veterans, and it shows. The Saba Brothers is the kind of band that is very hard to stop listening to once you’ve heard a few songs, and “Boomerang” showcases all the reasons why – a cross-firing angular guitar, an earworm vocal delivery, relatable lyrics, and firework drumming.

The Saba Brothers explode out of the speakers with a cool intensity that mainstream music has lost, as they fire on all cylinders. Thoughts rush along, powered forward by Steven’s drumming, pulled skyward with Raymond’s racy guitar lines and thickened up with Nathan’s rich bass.

“Boomerang” is a 5 star single, with crisp production values and a band performing like a finely tuned racing car; weaving, speeding up, and slowing down with almost unimaginable haste and ease. Furthermore, there is nothing superficial about the sound, the music, or the lyrics.

“Boomerang” is a remarkably mature, expansive record. It’s clear that the bar had been set high on this recording, and the Saba Brothers allowed their deep-ingrained, cunning potential to burst forth. The result is an addictive, and pulsing record, with measured, potential chart-topping pop bombast.

Some bands explode into our consciousness with a flurry of publicity and a barrage of pop missiles. Others creep up on us with a catalog of good music which keeps evolving and getting better. The Saba Brothers fall into this latter category.

They can wind up their sound and let it bang with precision, but they also know when to stretch out and let the melody take over. “Boomerang” confirms The Saba Brothers status as an essential young band and showcases how exciting rock music is still capable of being right now.


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