Grand Rezerva: “Nowhere Bound” pumps adrenaline into the unsuspecting listener

The talented Swedish band Grand Rezerva – comprised of Michael C. Svensson – Vocals, Andreas Lundberg – Guitar, Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson – Guitar, Thomas Helgesson – Drums and Zoak – Bass – succinctly deliver bare-knuckled, catchy hard rock that’s captured with crystal clear production. The band wastes little time in making its intentions clear on the latest single, “Nowhere Bound”. Grand Rezerva’s simmering movement around the verses facilitates a sense of building momentum through the bridge that reaches a point of release at the chorus. The band has creatively shoehorned itself into 2019’s contemporary active rock radio ballgame, with a classic rock n’ roll sound from a better musical era, as far as the genre is concerned. There’s a very good possibility that it will pay off, since that style will always remain in vogue regardless of changing musical trends.

The infectious and catchy nature of “Nowhere Bound”, replete with a massive, stadium-friendly chorus, is really hard to resist. Grand Rezerva latched on to a formula of catchy choruses, hypnotic guitar riffs overloaded with groove, and touch of hair metal songwriting, on their previous track “Hellbound”, and have now built on that hard rock recipe.

The group’s latest is a well-oiled, streamlined effort that hits the ground running, fulfilling its mission of loading each track with soaring choruses and grooves that are easy for even the most casual head banger to lock into a steady motion.

“Nowhere Bound” begins with the guitars of Andreas Lundberg and Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson immediately making their impact felt. They deliver a sequence of bone-crushing riffs before the band locks into a steady-paced beat, punctuated by Thomas Helgesson’s drum barrage and Zoak’s rumbling bass. The adrenalin-injected choruses, once again showcasing Michael C. Svensson’s flair for vocal ability and song-craft.

Grand Rezerva’s guitarists, Lundberg and Nilsson have established an interplay that masterfully reigns supreme, be it moodier interludes, crunchy rhythm riffs or shredding melodic solos. As the sound of guitars and bass fills every empty space in the air, get ready to sing the song’s awesome chorus.

“Nowhere Bound” is an effort that stands alongside the peaks of Grand Rezerva’s discography. The band, who have conquered Radio, Stages and Media across the globe – from Europe, to South America, Asia, Canada and the United States – has always excelled at balancing moments of heaviness with catchy melodic hooks.

These moments seem even more pronounced and well-constructed on “Nowhere Bound”. The modus operandi of this act is indulgence in the sounds of early ’80s radio and stadium rock and more, with Svensson’s vocals taking on an enticing croon. “Nowhere Bound” is the sound of a dynamite band that is very comfortable in its own skin.

In rock n’ roll, starting strong can be a bold move, and Grand Rezerva start very strong indeed on “Nowhere Bound”. Entering the ring, throwing their best hooks, the three minute plus thriller, does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Leaping out of the shadows it pumps adrenaline into the unsuspecting listener, before it explodes into full throttle. By the time the chorus hits, with vocalist Michael C. Svensson exhibiting his passionate deliveries, you’ll find yourself totally surrendered to this record. “Nowhere Bound” is a powerhouse, smashing good ride that will leave you falling in love with this Swedish quintet.


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