Dirty Snowman Society is a rock band based in Copper Mountain, CO. The four-piece band consists of Frank Costantini on vocals, drums and percussion, Jonnie Law on lead guitar, Patrick Linfante on bass and Chris Todoroff on guitars and percussion. The band came together from very diverse backgrounds, they’ve held jobs such as Emmy winning TV director and best-selling author, a touring metal band member, ski and surf instructor, and successful lawyer. Wow, decades of buying, playing, seeing music it’s rare that you find something that you missed for so long. But not something from yesteryear…something from today. I mean it is out there, close to everything you love, your favorite music and musicians, but for some reason you never knew it existed.

Since I received it, I have listened to it at least twenty times in 2 days. It reminds me of a bygone era in rock that is sadly missed on my behalf, and essentially by most serious rock fans. Complex organic instrumentation made easy on the ear, choruses and harmony so beautiful and catchy. Lyrics that resonate and vocals that impact the listener from the first listen.

If you have any affinity to rock music whatsoever, it’s time you stopped and listened to “Taste of Heaven”, the new single by Dirty Snowman Society. The playing on the track is generally excellent, with the band creating a wonderfully gothic atmosphere with their haunting and sweeping guitar work.

In fact, the wall of acoustic guitar keys and crunching electric guitar tones, sets the epic mood for much of the song. Whereas most modern rock bands use the bright amalgam of new age power chords, Dirty Snowman Society draw their colors from a darker and more imposing sonic palette.

Other than the fact that excellence flows in abundance from their musical and artistic expression, the music is engaging on an emotional level. The writing is as exceptional, as the musicianship of all the players. The abrasiveness of “Taste of Heaven”, is infused with moments of inventive nuance and engaging intricacy to make the listening experience worthwhile for a vast spectrum of music fans.

“Taste of Heaven” is truly masterful. In general, it proffers an overarching ingenious compromise between its heavy and melodic characteristics, with a few standout solo passages filling in the spaces in between. This gives the track an added dimension and, I think, a deeper and more meaningful and certainly more engaging track over all.

“Taste of Heaven” brilliantly exemplifies how richly knitted organic instrumentation can create such an intense atmosphere. In a strict sense, this is not a musical retread, but it is not afraid to look to the past while nodding to the future as well. This song seems to be a perfect snapshot of Dirty Snowman Society and everything the band does so well.