Estelle California – “Star” wraps you in a feeling of comfort!

Estelle California is a singer-songwriter born in France. She started playing the piano when she was 5 years old and went on to study saxophone. Later, she became an avid dancer and was formally trained in opera. In 2013, Estelle moved to Oakland, CA, where she felt drawn to the diverse and respectful community. Her love for the state of California and its people led her to change her artist name. As a musician, Estelle draws inspiration from artists like Nina Simone. She has an absolutely fantastic voice and her latest recording, “Star” helps bring that to life. The subtle textures of her singing come through clearly and the sound spectrum is wide with fair depth. The music is very well engineered and doesn’t carry the torch of so many modern recordings that are over-compressed and lifeless. This recording puts Estelle California right in front of you, centered in the sound and very clear.

Estelle California

Other instruments on “Star” play in different areas in the spectrum and are all very well represented. The guitar solo especially, shines with vibrancy and intensity. With the right equipment this track will bring this performance to life in your home and you can almost touch the instruments yourself as they play.

As for the music itself, this single is the first time I’ve sat down and done any critical listening to Estelle California. I find the music to be well produced and open with a natural and easy-listening feeling that I expect from a great big-band styled track. The inclusion of the guitar solo just adds icing to the, already sweet, cake this song presents.

Lyrically “Star” is honest and engaging with great writing and some excellent imagery. Estelle California successfully seduced my senses as she sang her way through my heart by way of this track.  Nuance and elegance make this piece stand out and makes you fall in love with it.

Delightful and controlled, Estelle’s voice wafts into your ears, around your brain and into your heart. She delivers her lower register to very great effect in the verses, before unleashing her higher range while soaring through the choruses. The depth of feeling, plus the expression in her voice, makes so much of pop-music seem utterly trivial in comparison.

Clearly Estelle California is a mature voice on the horizon, as she brings a new level of warmth and lifelike sound that just has to be experienced. She wraps you in a feeling of comfort that’s miles better than just entertainment.

Close your eyes, put your head back and she’s singing to you. The artistic value of any music will always depend on personal preferences and even mood, but technically you cannot deny a very well recorded track from Estelle.

You can enjoy listening intently to this track, as its quality is fantastic and it’s also a very pleasant experience, both lyrically and musically. Estelle California gets my vote as a woman and an artist to watch and be inspired by.


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