Buss – ‘ELEMENT OF SURPRISE’ sounds like a mission statement

An artist and songwriter, Buss is also the CEO, owner and founder of the label Fatal Thoughts. They have signed a handful of artists, including standout performer Hype Bigga his good friend, and lil brother, and then his twin sons, Johnboy and Jaredteez. ‘ELEMENT OF SURPRISE’ is Buss’ latest EP release.  He also has two mixtapes out, called ‘The Takeover’ and ‘The Takeover Pt2’. ‘The Takeover Pt3’ is set to drop on Jan 31st. In typical hit fashion, this EP release is packed heavily with quality samples from epic tracks, to give each song a nostalgic flavor that will have you hooked from the first bar.

To sum it up best, this new venture undoubtedly works for him with the production being nothing short of extravagant and flamboyant-tipped. This is also where Buss pulls off some of his better rap performances, showcasing himself with suave and debonair that fits with the old-school atmosphere that transpires from these tracks.

As tradition would have it, the Buss’ poetry remains bold and thoughtful, with wondrous lines that variously zing and titillate. Pulsating with varied amounts of pain, love, acceptance and many of life’s diverse anecdotes, ‘ELEMENT OF SURPRISE’ redefines the genre’s very envelope and expectations for this new decade.

Unique musical statements come hard and fast, effectively pushing the regional boundaries rap fans have been known to identify with since its inception. Right from track one, “I’ll Always Love You”, Buss essentially removes the mumble rap flavors of the genre’s recent past, in favor of high quantities of ass-kicking lyricism. He brings the fire with his flows, making sure that this is a rapper’s record.

“Brother From Another” (ft. Hype of FT) keeps the high energy momentum going, embracing atmospheric techniques as well as an equal trade-off between hardcore rhyming and a scientific beat. “Victory” rides on a monster sample taken from a legendary track by the rock group Boston.

Buss goes off on the mic possessed with a masterclass in lyricism; the guy employs straight up entertaining rhymes. “Understand” sinks its teeth deep into family affairs as Buss maps out his route of growth as a father. Built on a percussive backdrop, “Free For All” moves forward with an artillery of tough-as-nail bars, as Buss let’s his flexibility and versatility sit at the driver’s seat.

Buss sounds like an elder statesman on this project but that’s what makes it so good. The recurring theme is one of triumph against adversity through grit and perseverance. “Nightmares” is blisteringly aggressive in every respect. Nobody fresh out of the blocks could ever make a record this vital sound quite so effortless. It’s that dichotomy that makes Buss an exciting prospect in hip hop currently.

“Foolish Love” closes the show down with a sample taken from a REO Speedwagon mega-hit. This is probably one of catchiest tracks on the EP. There is a power behind Buss’ delivery that grabbed me. He seems to rap with purpose. He sounds real, as opposed to so much mainstream hip hop that just sounds like over-processed digital meanderings. ‘ELEMENT OF SURPRISE’ sounds like a mission statement.


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