Check out “No Sometimes Yes,” a brand new EP by Luca Draccar

An exciting combination of great melodies and good production aesthetics.

Producer and artist Luca Draccar has recently announced the release of a brand new EP titled “No Sometimes Yes.” He really outdid himself with this one, because this EP is yet another important milestone for the artist, who managed to channel his skills and creativity in a very distinctive way. The EP combines memorable hooks with lush soundscapes, going for a distinctive aesthetic, which sets the bar higher.

What makes “No Sometimes Yes” noteworthy is the fact that this amazing production is layered to perfection. The audience is most certainly going to appreciate the way in which every single element in these mixes seamlessly interact with all the others, instead of overpowering certain things in favor of others. This is a very balanced production, and it feels like every nuance, sound and melodic line has got its very own raison d’etre, and it sits exactly where it needs to sit.

Check out “No Sometimes Yes,” and learn more about Luca Draccar and his music:

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