Gemtarra – “Fire Me Up” captures a sense of urgency and energy

Formed twin sisters Gina and Tina Ciera in 2018, Gemtarra is a Philadelphia based band who get its name from the Italian words Gemilli (which means twins) and Chitarra ( which means guitar). The band who recorded their EP “Fired Up” with Grammy award-winning Producer/Engineer Phil Nicolo, is made up of Gina and Tina Cieri (songwriting and guitars), Bryan Feddish (bass), Sunny Dee (drums), Megan Glaubitz (lead singer) and Tawana Simons (percussion). Their latest single “Fire Me Up” is lifted from the aforementioned EP. There is a lot to appreciate about Gemtarra. Their music has a driving beat, with harmonized vocals and an enthusiasm that never drops out. Its music you wish to hear again and again while echoing life’s realities in a style reminiscent of better times.

Gemtarra core sound is alternative rock, bright and upbeat, also catchy and very singable. The overall production, although touched by a raw, earthy quality, is neat and uncomplicated. The track is wrapped up and presented as a very well-planned gift. There is little wasted time or space.

The vocals and guitars are the irresistible magnets on “Fire Me Up”. The lyrics are simple but universal in their appeal. Lead vocalist Megan, has a resonant and mellifluous voice with good control. When she reaches for those all-important high notes, she never fails to nail them. Harmonies and backups also sound very professional.

Sensibility–alluring, bright, and summery with its glaze of rock guitar strums and fiery solo flourishes, “Fire Me Up” ensures that the listener gets to lock into the overall groove.

Gemtarra may be a part of the new generation of alternative rock messengers; but the band is among the old-school tune-smiths in the real sense of the word, echoing sounds culled from decades ago and transforming them into modern aural artifacts easily digestible by both the old and the young generations of the genre’s connoisseurs.

Patience has certainly paid off for the band who initially started out as Prima Donna. Their latest member configuration seems to be firing on all cylinders. While not attempting to reinvent the wheel, Gemtarra also doesn’t fall into the typical pitfalls that come with writing independently.

The band didn’t spend its energy trying to replicate what other indie rock artists have been doing or strayed into indulgent experimentation. Their songs are well-constructed, catchy and sport a musical maturity. The percussion features expressive rolling loops to support the bright electric guitar riffs, while the song effectively mixes personal, human messages with earworm hooks.

Gemtarra has their heart in the right place with “Fire Me Up”. It captures a sense of urgency and energy and then moves into a more reflective moment, before picking up speed again. The track is clearly thoughtfully-made and reflects the band’s ability to evolve while also staying true to their rock roots.

This is a solid piece of work. The more I listened, the more and more I listened! Gemtarra really have got what it takes to put an organically vibrant track together.



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