DaKing – “CryptoBoom” is a vibe from start to finish!

“CryptoBoom” is the second single by Moscow artist DaKing who is currently working on album which will feature previously unheard of 3D stereo effects. As can be gauged by the title, the song is inspired by escalation of cryptocurrencies. DaKing falls into the category of nu-wave rappers. You can hear a bit of his flow, hooks, and ad-lib driven rap style in the music of today’s newest up and comers. DaKing verses have a way of feeling like extended hooks. He loves to chant as his ad-libs swirl in the background. Sometimes he even delivers a rapid-fire flow. The project embodies a gritty and glittery EDM production and sound.

Where some artists would try to distance themselves from the thematic elements that make up the nu-wave sub-genre, DaKing doubles down and proves the artistic merit to any old-heads or doubters of the aforementioned sub-genre. It is a perfect culmination of all the best of the characteristics that define the SoundCloud age of hip-hop. DaKing is unafraid to stay in a groove which offers diverse expressions of mastery with respect to the old-school.

“CryptoBoom” is a vibe from start to finish. You’ll easily get into DaKing pop-hop rap style, I can almost guarantee you’ll find at least one or two lines stuck in your head due to the infectious beat and DaKing’s rhythmic raps. The song seems to be a follow up where the market is today. From his point of view, the artist seems to be sharing with fans everything you can achieve since cryptocurrencies have blown up.

DaKing proudly speaks on being successful, having material things, and a mental state of happiness. Critics may claim this is a dangerous message to plead to the youth, but the crypto craze is here: “Don’t be late / To an intensifying race / What a time to be alive / Life’s changing / Money’s flowing / We’re partying on drugs / Never be afraid / To buy more crypto / You are gonna be so fabulously rich,” sings DaKing.

His message is you can do whatever you want, if you put your mind to it. “Cash out on the top / Buy in on the next dip / Make yourself a fortune,” he says. This is too contagious to skip any time it plays. Lyrically, you’ll be able to quote some of the clever things DaKing says, but over and above that, the song is also very catchy. Of course as with all music, some may dislike it, some may love it, but what I’m sure of, DaKing is definitely establishing himself in the industry for who he is, in his own lane.

DaKing’s sound isn’t like everybody else’s, which will allow him to be put in categories next to more eclectic and creative upcoming artists. DaKing has a talent for making mesmerizingly sharp lyrics and hooks, along with his use of bouncy beats that set you in a trance. It will be interesting to see what comes next, after “CryptoBoom”!


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