FŌX – “Kiss It Better” – an awesome avenue to let the artist’s immense talents thrive

“Kiss It Better” is a catchy tune where London based, 25 year old, FŌX’s vocals, range from whispering to soaring and powerful. The track has an expanding and all-embracing groove that makes you want to move and sing along from the first time you hear it. It is a swinging pop song with structural elements of an alternative flavor and some irresistible piano and string action. The tune has got hooks in all the right places with an infectious post chorus and needless to say FŌX’s delivery is on fire.

FŌX – Photo by B. Shortt (@BDoesFilm)

It is like he is aware of the great reach of his voice and he sounds more passionate for it. In truth, I think that “Kiss It Better” serves us exactly the FŌX he wants to be, but also exactly what we want to hear. He sounds confident and at ease, and the tune backs up that statement.

The singer’s vulnerability is laid out bare, and its bitter-sweetness, sounds wistfully enchanting: “You say I’m like a garden rose, but I feel so withered and dead. Tell me how I’m gonna get over, every little word you said. You know I’m not leaving here, sleeping in this lonely bed. You’re always on my mind, I can’t get you out of my head.”

“Kiss It Better” has an alternative pop attitude for a love anthem with radio-ready flare. The celebration of strength in sorrow, finds FŌX using pitch perfect, resonating vocals to express his love and commitment, notwithstanding the unrequitedness he has to succumb to. Besides the beautiful supporting music, and with endearing sentiment at the forefront, the effort is also an awesome avenue to let the artist’s immense talents thrive.

“Kiss It Better” gives listeners a satisfying sampler of FŌX’s work, and provides a genuine representation of an artist that doesn’t conform to the usual pop norms. The project also cleverly stays true to its title: smooth, elegant, and love-inspired.

FŌX in concert

FŌX’s sounds as if truly inspired by his personal artistic influences, instead of record label desires and current radio trends. Though lush and layered, the production and instrumentation never overpower FŌX’s captivating vocals. His voice is soothing and vulnerable before becoming powerful and soaring, as he prepares to get even more nostalgic and intimate.

Easy on the ear and gorgeous in its concept, “Kiss It Better” is worthy of the repeat button. FŌX gives fans and listeners exactly what they want – something melodically enchanting, but with depth, and his storytelling ability is rich and second to none, as well.

FŌX’s songwriting certainly gets introspective, but what’s interesting is that the introspection comes out in the sonics as well. “Kiss It Better” is a pretty damn good pop track, with an unusual twist, and ambitions toward more.

FŌX is currently crowdfunding through Bandcamp to make a new album. This may be a good place to join the party right now.


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