Goldie – “Fata Morgana” commands your attention!

“Fata Morgana” is the second single off the new album, “Blind!”, by acoustic driven Alternative/Indie Rock artist, Goldie. The sounds and mood created with this single can place you anywhere in the world, as if you are not only exploring the music, you’re exploring his world with him. And boy, is the payoff worth it. Goldie isn’t your typical listen, not by a long shot. There is so little he can be compared with.

The dense, yet sprawling ambient atmosphere that is created within the opening seconds of “Fata Morgana” does not let up. Your ears are practically graced by a soothing voice that leads the organic grungy sound onward. The Vancouver based Producer and Musician makes ample use of the acoustic guitar to create the backbone of his sound.

Accompanied with this is a variety of subtle elements to give him a signature sound so dense and gripping, the song becomes distinct and powerful without reaching a soaring scream. An ode to a Werner Herzog Film of the same name, Goldie creates a feeling of exploration with this sound.

Complemented by the laidback but heartfelt vocals and lyrics, it’s hard to bring yourself back to your environment after you’re done listening. Fata Morgana the 1971 film by Werner Herzog, captures mirages in the Sahara and Sahel deserts. It was explained that the Sahara was used as the background for Herzog’s own vision of man’s compulsion to corrupt and debase himself, as well as the world in which he lives.

Another strong focus on “Fata Morgana” is the stellar use of electro percussion, which continues when the distinctive guitar work and dense layering comes to the forefront. The song is an outstanding representation of an evolved Folk-Rock sound.

What is so interesting about Goldie is the connection a listener feels with him. He might as well be playing this song directly to you, meaning every word and every note. It’s hard to recall a track that speaks as close to the heart as “Fata Morgana” does without being melodramatic. You’ll have to go back to the grunge era for a similar engaging melancholic experience.

Experience this moody feeling, while trying not to get lost in the encompassing sounds from the percussion and guitars. As Goldie ponders the world and the life it allows for, so too will you the listener.

From the beautiful vocal work and lyrics, the innovative and unique percussion, and the dense, atmospheric acoustic guitar work, “Fata Morgana” commands your attention. So delve into it, hopefully you’ll be able to make your way out of it by the time the song fades out. If not, stay there, as you’re in a rare and interesting place for self-discovery.


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