Joemayk – “A Century Entirely” – an immaculate song

Joemayk is, at his heart, an artist that knows how to tweak the various facets of his sound and still maintain his identity. Throughout his various releases, he has been able to make subtle changes to his sound that is apparent in the tone and construction of the production. The unabashed earworm sweetness of the new single, “A Century Entirely”, is another step in the direction of taking his music to a much wider audience than just his rock-orientated fans. For the people who appreciate the melodic craft and emotional heart of Joemayk music, this at its core is one of his most sincere recordings.

Crescendos and heroic choruses dot the course of “A Century Entirely”. This sounds very much like a solid modern pop-rock record, with the heart and effort of someone not merely seeking to recreate the same sounds over and over again. The most noticeable improvement on this record is the lyrical content, with Joemayk reemphasizing a focus on his own experiences. However, the instrumental aspects of the song are actually very proficiently executed too. It starts with some mid-paced electric and acoustic guitar strumming, before the bass notes and purposeful drum beats are gradually introduced.

Joemayk also delivers with one of his stronger vocal performances. The result is a slick, well-produced mainstream record with all the endearing qualities that we have come to expect from the singer-songwriter and guitarist. The high-level quality Joemayk has sustained for years now, has resulted in an innate ability to avoid what you might call, bad or average tracks. One might even listen back to all of his previous releases without finding a single dud song.

In this sense, “A Century Entirely” is no different. The song is able to serve its purpose within the flow of Joemayk’s continually growing catalog, while simultaneously standing strongly on its own. Captivating lyrics meld the cynicism with an everlasting sense of love and affection. Joemayk imbues every line with sincerity and incredible passion.

The instrumental progression, with the backbone being a rather unique guitar line that serves to accentuate the emotions coming from the lyrics. Every moment in the song is built to elicit emotion, not least of which is the bridge, building up into a high-riding crescendo before returning to the chorus and then ending on a quiet, somber note – an immaculate ending to an immaculate song.

Joemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer of Venezuelan origin, who has moved his career through Madrid and London, all the time maintaining a focused evolution of his sound.  “A Century Entirely” is highly resonant and excitable, boasting an infectious and encouraging chorus. It creates a bouncy and attentive beat that’s easy to get swept up in, while the rest of the song and music sweeps in like a gust of wind.

The rhythm and emotional qualities of this song compel the listener to clap, stomp and sing along as the percussion and guitars dance across the track. It’s catchy, refreshing, and inspiring. The sonic experience is almost like the uncorking of a bottle of champagne.



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