GhostWryter – “Big Raggedy” rides a lithe beat!

“Big Raggedy” is the new track from rap artist GhostWryter. From the very start the listener is hyped to take on anything. The rapper does a great job of flowing over this beat to build tension and energy until it hits the iconic and climactic drum passages. At this point GhostWryter snaps with his high energy delivery, and it is the perfect way to get the listener charged with his vibe. This song is a mid-tempo banger with some triumphant keys and a killer hook from GhostWryter that will make you want to run through a wall. It makes the artist sound like an unstoppable force, and this energy is super infectious.

Although “Big Raggedy” is hype and celebratory, this doesn’t stop GhostWryter from getting his hustling subject matter and messages through to the audience, while riding an old-school flavored southern vibe. The flows, vocal inflections, and even accent sound just like something the major league southern thuggers used to do.

It’s a breath of fresh air in the era of sterile auto-tuned mumble rap. From start to finish, “Big Raggedy” is a captivating experience, insanely listenable and trailblazing on a sonic front. GhostWryter impresses off the strength of his candid bars and powerful melodic ear.

The free-flowing top-down track “Big Raggedy” falls into the category of those anthems that are all about the rap’s killer B’s: blunts, brew, bitches, and billions. GhostWryter approaches his rap like a true hustler. He talks game, he keeps it smooth, and you’ll find yourself being entranced without even realizing it. Cocky and slick, there is something about the way that GhostWryter lays down his groove that just catches you.

The smart thing is that, unlike some of his peers, GhostWryter isn’t attempting to be the savior of hip-hop or the preacher of all good or all evil, he’s not striving to be all pop or strictly street. Instead he finds a comfortable place in the middle ground, between catchy and hardcore. GhostWryter is a songwriter with a flair for making music people like to hear as much booming out the sound system as they do blasting on the dancefloor.

Musically GhostWryter is as consistent as they come – check out tracks like ‘SWANG’, ‘Antisocial’ and ‘Good Morning’ for further proof – and his distinctive accent is in prime effect throughout his confident lyrical flow. “Big Raggedy” rides a lithe beat, a liquid keyboard, and a firm bass and hand-clap. The thumping production provides the perfect backdrop to harnessing the trunk-demolishing groove of this track.

Catchy and captivating, with a beat that slams and bounces, and a smart balance between dynamics and drive, GhostWryter’s latest single release, “Big Raggedy” is hip-hop entertainment at its finest. The track is available now on YouTube and all other major platforms.

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