Kilo M.O.E. – ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’ – serves as the perfect canvas for the rapper’s elite lyricism

The Baltimore-based producer, songwriter, rapper, Kilo M.O.E.’s evolution over his past three albums has been inspiring to see. I’ll always admire artists who push themselves creatively, and that’s exactly what, Kilo M.O.E. has done on his fourth studio album, ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’, and it pays off in leaps and bounds. Each instrumental is rich and developed, serving as the perfect canvas for the rapper’s elite lyricism. Something that this recording and Kilo M.O.E.’s recent albums have done well is allow him the freedom to rap for the sake of his craft within the confines of the album’s larger themes. Kilo M.O.E. is the master of crafting relatable, creative lines that resonate.

Kilo M.O.E. pulls out all the stops on ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’ and shows how far he’s developed as an artist. He’s the perfect example of how someone who has never been boxed in can still find new ways to innovate, maintaining the core of who they are while incorporating fresh ideas.

Working under the self-owned company O.M.G Entertainment Inc., Kilo M.O.E. has cemented his name across the globe, due to tracks, like ‘King Money’, ‘Where Eyem At’, ‘Dramas Lit’, and ‘Outchea Winning’, etc. Though these tracks certify his immense artistry, Kilo M.O.E. continues to pursue the betterment of his craft on ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’.

On this recording, Kilo M.O.E. achieves the satisfying distinction of creating a hip-hop album that is satisfying both as an artistic narrative, and as a lyrical exhibition. It’s great when rap artists can rap and make great art. ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’ is a masterpiece. It is riveting; it has top-tier lyricism, vivid story-telling, and the core and guts of everything hip-hop is supposed to be.

Kilo M.O.E. has already achieved enormous critical success on his previous releases, and he shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to improve on each subsequent release he puts out, with his albums usually favored highly by critics. Crafted with Tha Grizz Publishing Corp and consisting of 11 mesmerizing tracks, ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez’ is already streaming on all major digital platforms. Don’t sleep on this one!



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