Kylie Trout Releases Music Video For Romantic New Single, You & I

Premiering exclusively on Elmore Magazine who pride themselves in saving American music, Kylie Trout certainly fits the criteria. Stirring up dust in a vintage marmalade Pontiac Firebird, Trout trips the light in the warm and breezy track, You & I. Comprising of bonfires with friends and cruising across California’s desert hills, Trout epitomizes a true young romance with the one she loves.

You & I is a larger than life daydream that features the beauty of young lovers and a golden California sunset. With powerhouse vocals similar to the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kelsey Ballerini, Kylie Trout is an unmovable force in the new generation of country music. Natural soul and witty lyricism separate her from all who try to come close.

Capturing your attention immediately with the catchy guitar lick and the stunning Firebird, single You & I glues you from start to finish. Trout is exceptional for her ability to transcend age, speaking to every style of the country music fan every time she sings. Themes of escaping from reality and sharing time with loved ones is what we all dream of from time to time and relates to all who listens. Her charm and grace affirm her as an astounding talent in today’s world.

Wielding the ability to always keep audiences on their toes with touches of fervor, infectious melodies, and easy allure, Kylie Trout continues to impress. Jump in the car with Trout and join the dreamy drive with her new single and music video, You & I.

Kylie Trout’s music video for her latest single “You & I”

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