FromKing – “Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)” looks to a brighter future!

In the wake of the various phases of the coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing requirements and ever-changing safety restrictions, many owners of dance clubs are waiting with bated breath. Even when the coronavirus lockdown eases completely, it’s likely that dance clubs and music festivals will be among the last businesses to recover: who can imagine packing onto a crowded, sweaty dance floor before a vaccine is operational? Some people are hopeful that when restrictions are totally lifted, people starved of social interaction and music will return to dance floors. In the meantime Italian music producer FromKing has been injecting his optimism into a brand new original remix of the Italian national anthem, which he entitled “Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)”.

“I did this dance piece, to transmit a strong charge in this moment of uncertainty and to give renewed energy, which acts as a flywheel for everyone,” stated FromKing. The Italian DJ/Producer started out playing in the most prestigious underground clubs in the early nineties while constantly developing and channeling his creativity towards various media outlets, such as special events, TV commercials, and product launches of international importance. After years of travelling around the world and gaining experience FromKing started working on ethnic music and traditional folk sounds which he would rework into his own house and progressive house blends.

The Covif-19 virus however, convinced him stop work on these project, and concentrate on reworking, what is locally known as, “Canto degli Italiani” (or Inno di Mameli) – the national anthem of the Italian Republic, adopted since the 12th of October 1946.

Since its creation, the original song became a symbol of the Risorgimento – a historic period in Italy – which translated into English, means “resurgence”. Carefully considered, this word almost perfectly describes our current situation, and our need to “resurge”, especially in Italy which has been devastated by the pandemic.

This is exactly the mood and atmosphere FromKing strives to capture in “Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)”, as he builds the renowned melody on a thumping EDM backdrop, using breakdowns, drops and buildups to execute his uplifting and inspiring musical narrative.

In that sense FromKing’s arrangement perfectly captures the powerful nuances of the verse which recites: “Raccolgaci un’unica bandiera, una speme: di fonderci insieme, già l’ora suonò.” Which in English, reads: “Let’s be united by one flag, one hope to be united, already the hour has struck.”

Much like Goffredo Mameli’s lyrics, “Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)” by FromKing wants to unite people, but instead of doing so on the battlefield, this up-tempo and danceable version aspires to unite people on the dancefloor, as it ignites the summer nights across the nation, and possibly across the globe.

It is also an invitation for everyone to resume their normal lifestyles, to restore their hope and faith in the future; and also to explore and enjoy the wonders of Italy as the country renews its welcome to visitors again.

Discos, nightclubs and dance halls in Italy could reopen no earlier than spring 2021. This is the hypothesis envisaged so far by the Government, a prospect that, for this type of activity, could mean risking never to reopen.

“Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)” by FromKing, has all the ingredients to become a catchy dancefloor standard for the summer of 2020, and more importantly, its title has a powerful message for all concerned. Let’s Restart!


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