PK – “I think the asphalt hates me” (prod. by Dead Spyro) conveys a sense of authenticity

Estonian alternative new school hip-hop and emo rap artist, PK, is also the founder of the “Parema elu nimel” movement in Estonia, which focuses on the fact that everyone is unique and has the human right to spiritual freedom. “I think the asphalt hates me” (prod. by Dead Spyro), is the first single taken off PK’s upcoming bilingual album. “I have been making Estonian hip-hop over a decade. Released several albums and videos but always felt something is missing,” explains PK. “The new approach to music makes me feel very comfortable in my skin and my situation in general.”

Album cover art by Rainexart

In a music world where genre-blending is slowly becoming the norm, emo finds itself getting mixed across the music scene in some pretty incredible ways. In 2018, emo rap was the fastest-growing genre on Spotify. The cross-blended genre has only gotten bigger since then, bringing forth a whole new wave of artists and heartfelt issues.

PK’s understanding of the inner workings of both rap end emo is undeniable, though on “I think the asphalt hates me” it is more firmly rooted in actual emo than the cadre of other up and coming rappers who enjoy the “emo rap” distinction, only because their songs serve pop-punk melodies over trap drums. PK’s track is the most honest, pure form of the emo genre blend you can make.

The narrative looks inward, the lyrics are downcast and afflictive, while PK’s delivery is filled with emotion and melancholy. The song conveys a sense of authenticity, as PK’s admired vocals attract listeners with it mellifluous sincerity. His voice, delivery and charisma carries this song so effortlessly, he could even have recorded acapella.

It has to be admitted, however, that producer Dead Spyro’s downtempo guitars and the skittering hi-hats add just the right amount of atmosphere and tension to the track. By combining the bravado of hip-hop and the vulnerability of emo, PK creates a track that is about coming to terms with his personal issues. The track, is something truly for everybody who has an interest in this style.

Video single picture by Eugen

“I think the asphalt hates me”, sees PK taking a long hard look at himself and the people around him. “I remember when you got those shoes, you looked so fly. I’ve been spending half my life just trying not to cry. Trying to convince myself that I don’t really mind, that my whole life is a fucking stupid lie.” It captivates relatability with the provided vulnerability that PK is adept at creating, while also gravitating along with the confidence in what he is doing.

This song reveals PK in his most vulnerable, thoughtful state, which is arguably how his best music is created. “I don’t think I’m really here, my paranoia makes me. Stuck inside my every step, I think the asphalt hates me.” His poignant vocals are paired with a clean understated jangly soundscape, making it different from the typical use of trap beats, yet in some ways, even more powerful.

In a genre-blend that can often come across as gimmicky, “I think the asphalt hates me” (prod. by Dead Spyro) exceeds expectations and is a righteous example of PK’s honest art.


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