Mr.Dragonfly – “Icey Road” – an ability to craft genre-bending and eclectic music

Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and raised in Portland, Oregon. Monshjay Davis alias Mr.Dragonfly has always been strumming his guitar ever since he can remember. At an early age, he fell in love with the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, Percy Faith, and George Benson. This musical genius considers George Benson as his favorite guitarist of all time. Currently, Mr Dragonfly is a guitarist and composer. He derives his inspiration from the old-school classics and spins them around to give them a contemporary touch, blending Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Blues, Funk, and even orchestral music.

Six albums already tucked under his belt, “Icey Road” is the latest 11 track compilation to be added to Mr.Dragonfly’s ever growing catalog. The album sprouts luscious hip-hop, R&B and Soul beats accompanied along the way by various cutting edge raps and vocals.

Mr.Dragonfly’s ability to craft genre-bending and eclectic music remains relevant and infectious. He has created a space where he refuses to be labeled, dodges the one-size-fits-all model and unapologetically paves his own path forward with each new track.

On this album, Mr.Dragonfly has shown vision beyond his notoriety, and more than masterful production in studio. Opening with the jangly and funky “Hot Stuff”, he quickly puts his groove-filled templates on display. Ultimately, he skillfully threads together disparate styles, rhythms and instrumentation to deliver a holistic rendering of urban music in the 21st century.

“The Beat Goes On” is bouncy and ultra-urgent in its pace, “Get Yo Money” takes us back to the old school scratching and banging percussion. “Under My Spell 2” is totally cinematic and sounds like a soundtrack to an epic action adventure with its expansive orchestration.

If you ask me, Mr.Dragonfly is not from this world, as he switches styles on the turn of a dime. “#1Spot” flows with smooth wordplay, a churning synth bassline, and slapping drums.

Mr.Dragonfly somehow has formed a universe where R&B, Soul, Hip-hop and funky electronic beats naturally live together. Plus on track 6, “The Lonely Road”, he puts his electric guitar into the spotlight with some fiery note picking.

“Mr.D” expands on the concept, as the virtuoso guitarist and composer, pulls in some serious acoustic guitar strumming and dynamic piano lines to drive the rhythm. All of which brings us to the title track “Icey Road”, another cinematic ambient piece full of mood and atmosphere.

“Samba Do Ole” is exactly what you expect after reading the song title – a track brimful of rhythmic percussion, blaring whistles, and a vibrant festival atmosphere.

On the flipside, “Sweet May” and “Walk With Me”, showcase what Mr.Dragonfly is best at – creating the right fusion of instrumental smoothness and rhythmic groove. The music floats mellifluously over seductive keys, lilting guitars, expertly treated keys and a good times feel, while going up through the gears effortlessly.

“Icey Road” is a rare hybrid, one produced by an artist who clearly knows that this is his calling. It’s a warm, smart and sassy production with both an astonishing range and exceptional control. There is a beauty and momentum to this album that’s hard to shake. Regardless of whether the party is just getting started, or if the night seems it could last forever, just slap this on and turn up the volume.


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