Bernie Aka Birdbadas – “Sensual” shows a unique flexibility and verve

Bernie Aka Birdbadas wears many hats. He is an indie artist, producer, vocalist, rapper, poet, break-dancer and graffiti painter from Glyngore, Denmark. Most importantly, he is currently promoting his double single project, called “Sensual”, featuring the title track and “Everybody Wants”. In mixing and melody, these tracks are closer to uplifting trance and groovy house than anything else, and Bernie puts his bass front and center. His arrangements, consequently, are beautifully economical. Yet Bernie Aka Birdbadas manages to craft tracks far beyond the sum of their parts.

In the wrong hands, the sonics he toys can sound overdone or repetitive, or both. But Bernie Aka Birdbadas has a subtle confidence that beds in after each listen, as he makes these tracks shine with creativity.

The double-sided single is culled from the producer’s deep understanding of EDM music, past and present. He shows a unique flexibility and verve, a glowing life that drips, melts, and molds around the driving percussion in “Everybody Wants”, providing the precise support and frame that the rhythm needs.

Whether working in strands of Techno, House, Trance, or whatever might come to his mind, there’s something inherently glowing about his beats. This is the precise sensation one has, while listening to “Everybody Wants”, as above the banging beat, the keys and pads whirl around breezily bringing a warm and scintillating aura to the mix.

Bernie Aka Birdbadas never misses a step here, airily harmonizing over a riveting rhythm section. It’s a track equally ready for the club, or for brisk runs on a sunny morning. The track also brings home Bernie Aka Birdbadas virtuoso ability to craft dynamic drum tracks with depth and character.

The title track, “Sensual”, makes perfect use of a mellifluous vocoder-infused vocal motif which is nothing short of captivating. Underneath the vocals, runs a series of arpeggiating keyboard progressions, consuming the listener with a mellow, happy, care-free vibe.

The resulting sonic blend takes the listener to places only found in nostalgic memories. “Sensual” is an eclectic mix of rhythm, style, and tone. From the moment you press play you will be blown away with its unique uplifting groove through Bernie Aka Birdbadas ability to blend sounds.

Every now and again you’ll come across music that speaks directly to your soul. “Sensual” falls into that group. It’s the kind of music where each time you listen, you can’t help but vibe along, especially with the shimmering keys, and all-embracing strings.

If you want to let yourself be carried away by the groove, this track offers heavenly energy. Once the pulsing chords hit you, you’ll rise into the atmosphere, pushed by an involuntary musical force. This is a track that can literally played anywhere depending on your mood. It’s an incredibly listenable sound.

Whether you’re feeling like some high-energy dancing or chill listening, Bernie Aka Birdbadas is versatile enough to cater to both – the fervor of the club and the intimacy of headphones. Bernie Aka Birdbadas works with a deceptive simplicity, and a production style that facilitates the grooves yet never distracts from its sonic charisma.

Coming into his own as A original producer in EDM music, “Sensual”, the double-sided single, is the sound of an artist pushing himself forward, into the spotlight!



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