Jae’ Morrissa – “AWOL” and “Butterfly” will send chills up and down your spine

Born Ingrid Jasmin, professionally known as Jae’ Morrissa has gone from singing to patients and residents in hospitals and nursing facilities, to becoming a fast rising singing sensation in the music industry. She started singing at the young age of 3 years old, as her talents were nurtured through her Mother’s taste and love for music. Jae’Morrissa was also inspired and influenced by such artists as Deniece Williams, Stephanie Mills, Minnie Rippleton, Phyllis Hyman and Teena Marie. Her debut single “Just My Next Song”, is being considered as a Nominee for the 62nd Grammy Awards 2020, as well as a Nominee for the HMMA (Hollywood Music In Media Awards).

Currently Jae’ Morrissa is riding high with her singles “AWOL” and “Butterfly”. In an era where R&B is currently suffering from multiple personality disorder – we’re auto-tuning one day, trapping the next – Jae’ Morrissa is the grounded force we need.

Once you’ve pressed play on one of her tracks, there’s no guessing needed, you know exactly the type of music you’re getting on every outing. The lady puts passion, talent, and commitment into her work.

First single “Butterfly” should be heating up R&B playlists, and for good reason. It’s as sultry as it’s catchy – a poignantly infectious mid-tempo groove that immediately seduces your ears. When it’s time to show off her instrument, she proves she is one of the best in the game. Frequently throughout this track her stylized vocal nuances reminded me of a younger Chaka Khan.

“The Singing Nurse” – a title she picked up among her colleagues – has a warm richness to her tone that provides exquisite moments of listening pleasure. She adds extra spice into the piano driven beauty of “AWOL (Alone Without Love”, proving that what she’s got in common with her peers, is also what’s keeping her in the current mix: the ability to really sing. But she also demonstrates lyrical depth, vulnerability, and honesty in her narratives.

“AWOL (Alone Without Love)”, is a testament to that open candor, as she unfolds a personal and painful story of affliction that starts with a fatherless home, and continues with persisting lovelorn condition.

From the lyrics to the music, the arrangement is flawless, as Jae’ Morrissa brings on the emotion. She slows things down, dims the lights, and leaves you gasping for air, as you ponder her doleful words. Jae’ Morrissa will send chills up and down your spine with her powerful singing and intimate lines.

There’s something raw and honest about these songs and the way Jae’ Morrissa sings them. You’ll feel as if you’re drowning in the singer’s voice and melting away with every note she sings. The realness of her performances never lets up. Not even once.

While the genre currently struggles to snag the ears of mainstream listeners, diehard fans simply yearn for a more classic R&B sound. With the vocal chops to deliver the sound devout R&B fans crave – “AWOL (Alone Without Love)” and “Butterfly” puts Jae’ Morrissa in a spot to finally get the recognition she deserves.  And she’s got more coming up shortly, like her brand new single, “Nobody Like Me”.


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