Rashod Holmes Announces New Single ‘The One’

The soul singer relives how he met his wife and started his family on a tender new song.

Rashod Holmes is known for bringing romance to life with his evocative voice, but he has never told as personal a story as the one he tells with his latest single. ‘The One’ is a true life love story that acknowledges the struggles and triumphs that go into building a long-lasting relationship.

“I found the one for me” Rashod sings. “She is the girl of my dreams.” While Rashod is convinced that he has found the perfect partner, there is much more going on in this story.

Starting with the early days of courtship and going all the way up the announcement of children on the way, he covers every aspect of a blossoming romance. It is a heartfelt story with an ending that is sure to keep listeners intrigued on repeated re-listens.

‘The One’ is available everywhere September 18, 2020
Stream& Download: https://linktr.ee/rashodholmes
Contact: admin@rashodholmes.com

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