Abudu Seidu Kurabaso AKA REDfyah is a musician from Ghana. His humility, hard work and commitment to all that he does are the reasons Global Dream considered before settling on him as its BRAND AMBASSADOR. REDfyah’s initial task is to lead Global Dream to raise funds to help build Global Dream proposed youth volunteers and leadership retreat centre in Bole in the Savannah Region of Ghana.

ABOUT GLOBAL DREAM: Global Dream is an International self-financed Humanitarian organization which is Non- Political, Non- Sectarian and Non-Profit. Established in 2005, Global Dream currently operates two African nations namely Ghana and Nigeria. Global Dream believes that, volunteering helps to change the lives of the people including the volunteers. Research has revealed that over 80% of the people would volunteer when asked. We therefore recruit and train young men and women as volunteers and send them back into the communities to help tackle society’s needs as well as enrich the lives of those involved. Global Dream intends to make most people volunteers.

  1. What does your name Kurabaso REDfyah stand for?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Kurabaso is a family name meaning capabilities are not built on shoulders. My father who was the paramount chief of the Gonja’s used Kurabaso as a title and REDfyah is my stage name so I beautifully blended the two.

  1. People will like to know who Kurabaso REDfyah is?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I am a Ghanaian based Kuchoko Reggae artist, I believe in my roots and culture. Love, peace and unity has always been my stands. Kurabaso Redfyah is a positive soul in the society.

  1. When did you start learning how to write and also sing music?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I didn’t learn how to write or sing because music found me, I didn’t find music, and so I have a natural flow free from scratches.

  1. How would you describe your type of music?

Kurabaso REDfyah: My type of music will be seen by many as reggae, but I don’t see it as such, because my type of reggae involves the fusion of strict African native instruments and languages which add up a step of feel ahead of the usual reggae.

  1. When have been your saddest and happiest moments in your music carrier?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Oh my God. I was billed for a festival in Nigeria and my band and I were back stage with other musicians while one of us was performing. All of a sudden the stage got broken and the artist fell under the stage and suffered serious wounds, and this day in fact has been marked as my saddest day in my music career.

  1. How many albums and singles have you recorded so far?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I have one album with 9 singles so far.

  1. Has any of your songs made an impact Internationally?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Yes I have a song titled, ‘The Turban’, which was released in 2016 and Indians have this festival they call the turban festival and so upon hearing the turban song, they quickly adopted the song and since then it has become one of their turban festivals song. And many others, like ‘One World Tribe’, which talks about black and white unification, became big in Australia because I also featured an Australian artist named David Pick.

  1. Who are some of the featured artists in your released album and singles?

Kurabaso REDfyah: In my city of gold album I featured an American-based Jamaican female singer named Essence, I also featured a local based artist named Sabasa in Anaataba, I featured Kojo wusu Rralitee, a hiplife singer from Ghana on Aisha na and many others.

  1. Does the society get any positive feedback from you?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Yes because I have this annual concert dubbed ‘A One World Tribe Peace Love and Unity Concert’ which is noncommercial and rotates around Ghana, and this is a way I give back for all, especially those who cannot afford live band performance rates.


  1. How many awards and citations so far have you achieved?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I have been awarded by Marcus Messiah Garvey, A Jamaican / America / Ghana organization 2019 for blending reggae and African native instruments and languages into reggae in 2019.

  1. Can you mention a few International musicians you have met and performed with?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I performed with Luciano of Jamaica at Gateway for Africa concert in Ghana. Raskimono of Nigeria Majek Fashek of send down the rain fame Mandators, etc.

    12. You happen to be the first musician to have been made an ambassador in the three (3) Bono regions and Savannah region of Ghana, for Global dream foundation, as an Ambassador what are some of your responsibilities?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Global Dream foundation is a non profitable organization and so my responsibility as a brand ambassador is to use my name ( popularity) to support fund-raising to assist the dream of the foundation.

  1. Recently there was an article about you and BAMA AWARDS SCHEME which says that you said you deserve artist of the year, best reggae artist of the year and International artist of the year, why these claims ?

Kurabaso REDfyah: The claim is because I have worked harder than any of the contestants, in any of those categories.

  1. Do you have any project as from now?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Yes I am working on releasing my new album titled ‘Jakpa Foot Prints’ with 20 powerful songs and a couple of videos ready for release and a congratulation concert on the 6th of November.

  1. Who are some of the sound engineers you are working with?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I have worked with Sammy Ababio (extee muzik lab) in Ghana now based in UK Worked with Jose Lindo of Cam Can production in Netherlands. Worked with Mark Darlington also in UK and then Zapp Mallet of Ghana, the biggest producer in Ghana :flag-gh:

  1. What is the motive behind this song of yours, titled Lonely Road?

Kurabaso REDfyah: ‘Lonely Road’ talks strictly about my life from beginning to where I have gotten to today, a true story song.

  1. What are some of your resources of inspiration?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I believe in life stories of myself or people surrounding me, I also listen to a lot of different songs of different genres, reading wide and meditation.

  1. Apart from music what else do you do?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I am an inbuilt artist as well so I am also into sign posts and billboards making as well as printing of T-shirts and anything artistic.

  1. We know music takes a lot of time and focus so how do you blend the two?

Kurabaso REDfyah: Both are gifts from my creator and so he made time in between them. However I also have trained so many apprentices and still have some with me who in times of business take good care of everything.

  1. What are your final words?

Kurabaso REDfyah: I pray for peace love and unity for Africa and the world in this election seasons, guidance and protections against every violence and misunderstanding.