Jordan Gamboa – “Taken for Granted” – born of an unquenchable creativity, and a panoramic musical vision

Singer-songwriter Jordan Gamboa, is an emerging alternative/indie-rock artist based in Austin, Texas. Jordan strives to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style, which engulfs listeners in the musical world he creates, with his no-frills approach and realness. Currently in the studio, recording a handful of brand new songs, Jordan has released the single, “Taken for Granted”, which is now available on all major digital platforms.

On his latest release, Jordan Gamboa manages to find a way to masterfully display his musical style and skill, like he’s spent an entire lifetime working with it. It’s playful and energetic, while also retaining an introspective writing style. Always tunefully and lyrically clever, Jordan scores a full 10 with this track, just like ‘the other girl’ in his song narrative.

Both modern and retro in its approach, “Taken for Granted” ropes in a whole ton of influences from the best of rock and pop, of diverse musical eras and blends them into a three and a half minute earworm. Singalong hooks abound, alongside bouncy acoustic strums, thumping drums and searing guitar solos. In the midst Jordan Gamboa’s soulful vocals soar effortlessly.

“Put my best qualities on a golden tray. Served your few to me on dirt, and that was grey. If all you got to offer is love, I’ve got something to say. This relationship won’t go our way.” Jordan Gamboa is a songwriter, a storyteller, and an artist for the ages. His music seems to have been around forever but strangely it is new.

Jordan Gamboa

Jordan is a weaver of clever, personal philosophical prose, which he wraps in a song, beautifully crafted, and born of an unquenchable creativity, and a panoramic musical vision. This is a track heavily streaked with pleasing echoes of legendary singer-songwriters of the past.

Bold, shiny and confident in his performances – in both the song, and the supporting video clip – Jordan Gamboa’s true brilliance emerges clearly in his songwriting, which carries plenty of weight.

From the manner in which Jordan Gamboa wraps his ascending voice around the revealing lyrics, to its crisp soulful melody, the aforementioned “Taken for Granted” overflows with high production values, a glistening sound, and rootsy emotionalism. Jordan proves that he’s able to mix it with his chart-topping contemporaries, while shattering the shackles that divide the old from the new.

Through sleek, crystal clear arranging turns, Jordan Gamboa plays narrator throughout the verses, while the choruses have a soulful feeling which is impossible not to be swept up into. At that point, you completely warm up to “Taken for Granted”, and it feels like you’re now a part of the scenario that Jordan has set up in this song.

In fact, it is not hard to imagine that many of us could easily be the protagonist of Jordan’s narrative, in “Taken for Granted”, having shared the same relationship experiences. Without a doubt, Jordan Gamboa has a slick ability to transport you into the world he determines, an additional testament to his songwriting ability.

“Taken for Granted” is a thoroughly catchy and immersive ride that shows Jordan Gamboa has plenty of ideas brimming in his head, and plenty of emotion brewing in his soul – required ingredients for great songwriters!


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