Night Wolf – “The Distraction” showcase one of the top talents of the moment

Now that we have nearly reached the end of 2020, many are seek fitting ways to cap off this decade in music. One very promising option, is to put on “The Distraction” album – a collection of some of the best tracks from Producer Night Wolf, and spend just under and hour inside the mind of the man who is establishing himself as one of the most exciting producers currently around. Though the recording is feature-heavy, the superb guest artists complement his production without overpowering or upstaging it. Song after song reflects Night Wolf’s fusion of entrancing sounds and soulful bounce.

Ryan Wilcox Aka Night Wolf from Luton, UK, produces music for TV, Game, Film, and Radio placements. Night Wolf who works with Flipper Music (Italy) and Deneb Records has collaborated with many artists and has released 5 EP’s ‘Watts The Time Mr Wolf’ , ‘Moonlight EP’ , ‘The Co Lab Vol 1’, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Learning Pace Of Travel’. He has also featured on a wide selection of single and compilation releases.

Night Wolf has a knack for making an album flow, as well as a perfect ear for collaborations – from Farisha, through to Miriam, Elsadie, AMRA, Sub Zero, J.A, Phil Neale, Violette Wautier, and Kite, each one of these guests shine brightly across the album. Night Wolf blend of percussion, synths and grooves accompanies their singing and rapping effortlessly, and proves that these collaborators have all achieved a chemistry with his beats to admire.

The various stylings of electronica is where Night Wolf primarily plies his trade, but while the genre is typically associated with bombastic and syncopated festival orientated music, many of the songs on “The Distraction”  are surprisingly atmospheric, smoothly melodic and epically haunting.

Despite all of the different perspectives and musical abilities, Night Wolf manages to keep his singular vision in focus without getting lost in musical detours he takes across “The Distraction”. Considering these are all disparate tracks collected along the way, a lot has to be said for Night Wolf’s track selection and sequencing. The album starts with the flowing piano progressions of “Stay Put” ft. Farisha, and never loses momentum.

The haunting “Bleeding Out Your Love” ft. AMRA, is a spectacular ballad featuring a heartrending and soulful vocal, embellished by Night Wolf’s emotional string arrangement. This is followed by the outstanding chillout groove of “Good For Me” ft. Elsadie, and the atmospheric whirl of the steady building “On My Mind” ft. Miriam.

Moving forward we encounter the quaint sounds of “Smoke” ft. Violette Wautier, before the poignant and whispery “Vishuddha Vol.5” ft. Miriam. All of which leads to the Bjork styled eclectics of the horn-filled “Bitterness” ft. Kite. On “Music is the Cure”, we discover Night Wolf in both the producer, and the singer’s clothes. Chores he pulls off admirably.

The set continues with “Artificial Heads” ft. Sub Zero which launches the album’s rap and hip-hop aesthetics, which is continued on “Sucker Free” ft. J.A. Night Wolf’s kaleidoscopic nature for sound design and his freewheeling confidence delivers the back to back instrumental gems: “Let’s Do It”, “Heavy Traffic”, New Beginnings”, “Neon Drive” and “Virus Response”.

Throughout “The Distraction”, Night Wolf manages to carry a lofty run time, without letting the listener lose concentration. “Isolation” ft. Phil Neal surprises with its crisp guitar attack, as does the closing track, “Easy Fall” ft. Meli, Betty and Mia.

If you’re looking for an innovative and well-sequenced set of variegated tracks that showcase one of the top talents of the moment, in full command, Night Wolf has a treat for you with “The Distraction”, and it’s here right before holiday rush…Covid-19 permitting.

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