Turnpike Tony – “Your Mother Masturbates To This…” is ahead of the curve

Unafraid to blur the lines between genres, Turnpike Tony is new Pennsylvania based artist, writer and producer, with focus on lyricism and party vibes.  At seven tracks, his latest project, “Your Mother Masturbates To This…” is his most instantly enjoyable record to date, without losing any of the holistic vision that makes all of his prior work noteworthy. Turnpike Tony’s fingerprints are everywhere. His nimble, flexing, between moods and registers are smooth, and creative, never losing its forward-thinking clarity.

The opening track, “Naked Clap”, gives us an early flavor, with Turnpike Tony at play recounting some risqué images, across an urgent, bass-booming beat. “Wink Wink” further displays the rapper’s touch for a sultry, smoky arrangement is spot-on, as he makes use of a throbbing bass and a skittering hi-hat that will burrow its way into the rest of your day.

The warm eerie keyboard and sinister bass, add to the creepy crawly menace of the slow-burning “Watch” ft. N!gh7 N3grO. Ideas are here in abundance, as they all form an orderly queue, resulting an intoxicating listening experience. The Turnpike Tony and N!gh7 N3grO provide a simple mantra with a steamroll punch.

“Da Pope” is a substance-heavy contribution where Turnpike Tony’s wordplay and flow makes an impression like none of his contemporaries. The rapper smartly anchors the track with a stream of verbiage over an eclectic repeating keyboard motif. Turnpike Tony snaps into his tauter, more urgent cadence to operate in a direct and measured flow for the most part.

“My Bitches” ft. H.B.K. is another moment that allows a glimpse Turnpike Tony’s ability to incorporate a multitude of vocal speeds and tones into individual tracks. The artist’s ability to blend leftfield beats with lyrical onslaughts is again evident here. The song is made great by the haunting, looped synth sample that crawls throughout the banging atmospheric instrumental.

On “Tony”, Turnpike Tony is exuberant, finding his footing easily in the nooks and crannies of the beat laid out perfectly for him. The artist affirms that he is one of the more dynamic underground artists working today and continues to showcase his seemingly endless talent on this track. Turnpike Tony rapping on this track is incessant and is supported by the intense instrumental.

The crunch of the guitar cuts through the air on “M.V.P”, helping to create a complex, layered sonic context for Turnpike Tony’s talk. This is the Pennsylvania based rapper sticking to what he does best, his own brand of hip-hop. Turnpike Tony’s lyrics ebb between reflective, and stand-up braggadocio, both bleeding together successfully as he wanders through the track

While other artists struggle to translate personal development into their music, Turnpike Tony does it with ease, navigating growth in a way that’s not only deeply personal but also extremely honest. Many artists claim to be ahead of the curve; Turnpike Tony is one of the few who truly is. He knows how to create an immersive sonic environment. As a presentation of Turnpike Tony as an exceptional and outspoken artist, “Your Mother Masturbates To This…” ticks all the right boxes.



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