Zay Gatsby – “New Reign” – an extreme showcase of the artist’s phenomenal range

Zay Gatsby is a 28 year-old artist out of Abilene, TX originally from Florida. Zay is in the military but wanting to have more control of his future in the music business. “New Reign” is his sophomore album. The new project is like nothing the current world of hip-hop is showcasing right now. This groundbreaking album packs a major punch that can be fully understood by those who have undertaken it in its entirety. Zay Gatsby has risen to new heights within this project, drawing upon countless sources of inspiration that can be heard throughout the extensive project.

The beats on “New Reign” uses both classic sound bites, and modern instrumentals, with a feeling resembling the work of hip-hop production legends, yet with a more experimental edge.  Listeners are immediately treated to a depth of production that previews eclectic and banging soundscapes.

The production is a perfect match to Zay Gatsby’s deep and resonant baritone voice presented within his pointed yet brutally blunt hooks and verses. His lyrical nature is something that only goes to further accentuate the matchup between himself and the beats. Although you’re not always sure where either of them is going to take you, you know it’s going to be a wild and exciting ride.

Zay Gatsby breaks into the first lyrical track “Ain’t Finished”, striking the beat with the force of a hurricane. Zay successfully marries literary-fueled lyrical concepts with hard-nosed street smarts, all while simultaneously allowing for his own vernacular to run the gamut with his core messages.

By the time Zay Gatsby hits the highly orchestrated “Barz” and the rocking crunch of “Solo King”, it becomes clear that his lyrical content ranges from personal experiences to poignant universal commentary, and everything in between, regarding the hustle, the grind, and the game.  All of this gives this album the feeling of a well-versed artist expanding his horizons toward the future of hip-hop evolution.

Zay’s lyrics are both studied and yet easily approachable, providing listeners a sense of empathy. On “Want Me”, the rapper begins the track cool, almost sounding soulful. He uses the same hypnotizing technique on the psychedelic haze of “A Lil Somethin”. Zay starts to put the gas pedal to the floor, on “Top Spot”, where his flow is smooth and almost breathless.

 “Get Loose” is an extreme showcase of the phenomenal range of Zay Gatsby’s style and approach to his music. Running across a futuristic soundscape, Zay’s energy is unmatched, and seems to progress more and more with each additional track.

The album “New Reign”, has a very fluid and linear feel, seamlessly charting a path from start to finish with all assortments of stylistic detours in the production along the way. Again and again, Zay Gatsby works up his resonant voice into a flurry of verbiage that explodes onto the mic, providing listeners with unforgettable performances.

“Power is Power” continues to push the lyrical pace, leaving audiences insatiable for more. No-one can doubt Zay’s sincerity, nor his willingness to delve into tricky rhyming motifs. The track has a rawness that co-exists with the eerie keys and Zay’s deeper voice modulations.

If the closer, “May You Reign”, is what Zay Gatsby can do in the span of a three and a half minutes of work, then his potential feels limitless. Right behind him the production shines too, with dark cinematic soundtrack that stuck out to me while listening.

Zay’s work here on “New Reign” is impressive, as he manages to work together all sorts of flows and rhymes schemes, maintaining high levels of energy. Essentially, Zay Gatsby shows himself, not only to be skilled, but one of the most unique sounding rappers around right now. Track by track, Zay never runs out of ideas and they’re used in a relentlessly engaging fashion. Zay Gatsby is ready to capture a large audience with this album release.


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