Ceavn – “The Explanation” – a variety of expansive beats coalescing with elite storytelling

Ceavn is an artist from Oklahoma City. His first album, recorded back in 99 was entitled “Kontradicshun”, followed by a mixtape in 2005 called “Sinnaz Have A Soul 2”. In 2008 Ceavn released a self-titled album, before the birth of his son, and his dedication towards his job, prompted him to set his musical aspirations aside. In 2013 Ceavn met his wife whom he married a year later. They had two girls, but split up in 2018 – the same year he retired from his job due to mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, PTSD) which Ceavn covers in his 2020 album “The Explanation”.

“The Explanation” was released both as a regular version and a chopped and screwed version. The cover artwork depicts a ‘Joker’ theme, which Ceavn described to us more clearly. “The ‘Joker’ theme is simply me masking the illness, and the shame of how my marriage went,” explained Ceavn, “as well as the anger towards my old job that caused me PTSD,” he concluded.

Though to be honest, Ceavn has been through a whole lot more in his life. He grew up in many different homes, interchanging domiciles between his mom, his dad, and other family members. Moreover, one of his parents was on drugs and the other an alcoholic, but Ceavn says that God and music got him through most of the rough times.

With a variety of expansive beats coalescing with elite storytelling, crisp wordplay and soulful singing, Ceavn welcomes us to “The Explanation”. Introspection is a perpetual theme for the Oklahoma City-based rapper as he provides a breath of fresh air with a motley crew of personal parables throughout the project.

Starting with “Musical Game”, the listener is introduced to an energetic flow with methodical yet swift changes to the beat and rhyme to start off what quickly becomes a notable project. Redolent soulful vibes come from the upbeat “Life Is Crazy” ft. Pink Amour and the slower “7 & Chels” ft. Pink Amour and Ruby Hallman to ease you into Ceavn’s musical world.

Ceavn does what he does best by reflecting on personal woes and afflictions, lending enlightening views on his struggle, grind and aspirations. Tracks like “Bands” ft. TheZZy, Woozy and Torney Redd, and “Angels” ft. TheZZy, Apoc and Torney Redd, will have you in a musing gaze all while your head bops to the melody.

Unlike mainstream hip-hop, where rappers possess a veil of fake bravado and authenticity, Ceavn doesn’t have to follow these trends, as there is no need to, when his art speaks for itself. Through “Sunshine and Rain” ft. Pink Amour and Bolo Brown, “Better Way” ft. Drastyk, “Preyed On” ft. Torney Redd and “Superman”, Ceavn keeps his audience totally engaged.

On this project, Ceavn shows he is a lyrical beast — a true wordsmith. As a matter of fact, his deep, honest words are the highlight of this album. He sets the bar high on the exemplary “Love Lost” ft. Eric Brown and Ruby Hallman, “When It Started” ft. Bolo Brown, “Mask” and “Prayer”. On these tracks, Ceavn sounds like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his narratives.

There is so much to unpack on this 20 track project. From his alliterative rhyme patterns to his wonderfully woven metaphors and his thought-provoking words, Ceavn finds many ways to keep the audience glued to his music. The production too, is varied, with a whole lot of sounds and rhythms that will surprise the listener. No doubt, “The Explanation” is an album you will need to return to more than once.

Ceavn, who draws inspiration from artists such as, Andre 3000, Tech N9ne, Joe Budden, Michael Jackson, and Prince, is currently working on a brand new album to be titled “The Return”, which will be coming out in 2021. The good news is that Ceavn has gotten back with his wife, which is what the latest album will tell us all about!


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