Cesar Belifonte – “Krossy” – spitting his cocky wordplay in the face of the enemy!

Unlike so many modern hip-hop releases, the single “Krossy”, by born-in-San-Francisco, raised-in-San-Diego artist, Cesar Belifonte, is a concise and straight-to-the-point, self-empowering, skill-flexing banger, with no signs of over-indulgence or unnecessary features.  Belifonte cuts to the core, explaining what it means to be a Krossy – or rather, a person from the other side of town. “If you get caught on the wrong side of town, the possibilities are endless,” he says.  In the narrative of the song, Belifonte is that Krossy, but he is also “that nigga you don’t fuck with.” And he states it clearly in the song, in more ways than one.

An unsigned artist with over 250 songs recorded in 2020 alone, Cesar Belifonte’s work ethic can never under discussion. He also ghost writes for several local artists, including R&B. “I was heavily influenced by the Skyline Piru Gang, elaborates Belifonte, “which is where a lot of my lingo comes from.” Cesar Belifonte raps mostly about his life, building his stories from the streets of SouthEast San Diego. “The Skyline top area to be exact,” emphasizes Belifonte.

It’s for this reason that on “Krossy”, it feels like Cesar Belifonte has something to prove. With a seat at the table of underground hip-hop’s most interesting players, seemingly within reach, Belifonte is on red hot form throughout, firing shots like a high-powered artillery gunner. The track is jam-packed with incendiary moments, as the rapper unpacks his “Krossy” experiences and empowered mindset, on top of a trunk-rattling bassline and a booty-shaking groove.

Cesar Belifonte swaggers all over the track, spitting his cocky wordplay in the face of the enemy. Belifonte makes the connection between being from the other side of town, and staking your claim in non-domestic territory.

Belifonte’s conversational but nuanced rhyming is pasted all over the place, creating smooth yet vitriolic bars. But more importantly, Cesar Belifonte sounds right at home in this bouncy, funky musical environment, which shows unbounded chemistry in setting the track up for a big fan reaction.

A quick run through his catalog, and it becomes clear that Cesar Belifonte has gone from strength to strength with each subsequent release.  He is steadily carving out his own unique slice of the rap world, a slice that tastes fresh, yet nostalgic, and somewhat bizarrely, also futuristic.

“Krossy” feels like a culmination of all the time spent working away at his craft. When you record over 250 tracks in a year, you learn a whole lot about the game, regardless of what you’re producing and releasing.

With the release of “Krossy”, Cesar Belifonte is in a space as an artist where he can snatch the crown from the competition. He spits lyrics that spill over with cheeky swagger and personal honesty.

Three minutes in duration, this single is easily digestible, serving as a reminder of Cesar Belifonte’s skillful tongue and vigilant ear for a clean, groove-inducing beat to rap over. Fans should be thrilled to hear “Krossy” knowing that Cesar Belifonte is making music of this quality in preparation of his forthcoming releases.


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“One love to the Bay Area. One love SouthEast San Diego. Free my Big Bro MidNight from Spring Valley. Shout out to Gutta Tarantino with 42Mafia. I love you Anisa & Amina. And God protect me from my enemies and soft their hearts… #Amen”

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