Frank Palangi’s New Music Video Says ‘Bring On The Fear’

Frank Palangi an indie rock recording artist is freshly homegrown in Upstate New York who pours the fuel on the genre that refuses to die. Continuing on with the 4th installment (Break These Chains – Set Me Free – Gone Mad), Palangi brings in the COVID situation with a tale of caution shedding light with the message that we are all in this together, to use faith to face your fear, without hate.

2020/2021 marks a new COVID unknown path in the music industry but ever so determined Palangi is still accomplishing goals as he says “I had no plan in backing down on my dreams”, marks his life’s mission statement. Seeing the start of Youtube and the rise of social platforms, it changed the field of how to get music out and Frank worked on being on top of that game.

If things took longer than expected, then it’s meant to be he believes, but still with having an admirable stubbornness to his tenacity of not giving up. The big choke in the music business is that you think you’ll become an overnight success fast, that’s not the case. He saw the business side mixed with the passion, relentless work, rejection, and a bit of extra faith.

“Palangi’s positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with his fans.” — Guitar World.

Frank’s debut self-distribution release started with the 2011’s “Frank Palangi EP” featuring the single I’m Waiting from music mecca Nashville, TN. After traveling around from TN, VA, NY with self-funded releases including I Am Ready EP (Receiving an LA Music Award single Nomination), Hope (Single), Set Me Free EP, Bring On The Fear EP. Influenced by bands from the 80’s (Metallica, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Megadeth), 90’s (Creed, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down, Drowing Pool), 2000’s (Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Hinder).

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