Goona – “Ride For Me” – everything fans of modern rap are craving for and so much more!

Gunnar Arteseros aka Goona, is a 23 year old independent hip-hop artist living in Santa Rosa, CA. “I have always had a passion for anything music related,” says Goona. “I don’t sit around waiting for something to inspire me, I just do me, and use my own personal experiences, and put them in my songs.” Goona mixes, masters, and writes everything himself. Goona delivers his unique style that bends rhythmic rap and melodic singing. The album has hip-hop inspired instrumentation but goes in different sonic directions to embrace a large fan-base.

Regardless of the subject matter, almost all songs on his album “Keep Going” are filled with catchy melodies. By taking this approach, any causal listener of Goona’s music will quickly be impressed by such a body of work. Really, the album can only be summed up in a single word: compelling. Combining melodic singing with a ton of rhythmic rapping and a slew of banging beats, Goona’s new album becomes an introspective look on the artist’s past and present, with an ambitious message for the future.

Goona continues his theme of echoey tunes and relatable lyrics throughout the project, creating an overarching aesthetic for the project that defines it at its core. Fluctuating sound waves drive each song, the beats rising and falling with Goona’s masterful voice and instrumentals keeping fans entertained and thinking about his lyrics throughout the album. The end result is a beautifully stimulating track list that speaks to listeners no matter what sort of music is their favorite.

Out of this cauldron of melodic bangers, comes the freshly released single, “Ride For Me”, which dropped on February 13th via the YBG Music Group label. This is how modern rap should like in 2021. Goona not only has the ability to write lyrics that cut straight through listeners and get at their emotions, but he also has a vulnerability in his voice that accompanies his words perfectly. In fact, everything about Goona suits his music very well.

Goona lets his powerful music be taken to a whole new level through “Ride For Me”. The track has a catchy hook, mellifluous vocals, and easily relatable lyrics; it’s everything fans of modern rap are craving for and so much more.

It really shows off his musical range and varied capabilities. As he brings a hypnotic blend of melody, storytelling, head-nodding groove, and chill vibes to the song. This music is universal and could slide into any number of playlists.

Though essentially a hip-hop and rap artist, Pop music is a domain Goona taps into at will, when he wants to, and consistently dominates, in his songs. His songwriting has no shortage of solid hooks, which will get stuck in your head in no time. “Ride For Me” perfectly captures Goona’s style which can be fully explored on his album “Keep Going”.


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